The Learning Tower Review

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The following review was done by Serious Krystyn of Really! Are you Serious?

My girls, almost 6 and almost 4 love to help me out in the kitchen. Of course, their idea of help and my idea of help are both very different. But I know that it’s important for their self-confidence, coordination and overall learning that they get to participate in meal preparation.

Here’s the bad part to admit. I usually have them pull a kitchen chair over to the stove to help out. Or have them stand on a very wobbly step-stool. Yeah, not so safe (plus, it drives my husband crazy).

The Learning Tower helps on all accounts. We have a safe, stable place the girls can stand at the stove or kitchen counter. And it surrounds them on all four sides to keep them safe.

It places them right at the correct height (with four different height adjustments) so they can help with preparing meals and even cleaning dishes (woot!). Our four year old is standing on the second highest position here helping me cook collard greens (hello Georgia), and could probably go down one more spot. It’s nice because both girls can be at the same place in the kitchen doing the same thing and essentially be the same height.

Learning Towers Review

Our very tall almost six year old doesn’t need the tower, but having it on the lowest height setting allows her to see a little further on the stove.

TowerWhen it’s not being used to help me in the kitchen, the girls have decided to make it a fort and a classroom. They just put the sheet over the top and instantly created their own little nook to play and teach in. I found my five year old teaching her three year old sister how to do tally marks to count different things in the house (they were tallying both the number of doors and windows).


The only negative is the size. It had a pretty big footprint and doesn’t fold up to easily store it. But both of these reasons are what keep it safe and stable.


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Serious Krystyn received The Learning Tower from Little Partners in exchange for this review.  All opinions are her own. 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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