The Lessons We Learn as Mothers

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It’s amazing what lengths we as mothers will go to for our children. Regardless of all the unsolicited advice, we get from our own Mothers, friends and complete strangers sometimes it ends up sticking and being a life saver.

While we were playing at the beach in Pensacola, JaMonkey decided that kicking and throwing sand was a good idea, even though she got it in her eyes the first time. After doing the logical thing of asking her to stop I started to pack us up to leave before multiple meltdowns ensued including one from myself. But of course, she didn’t stop and ended up kicking a very large amount of sand onto her baby sister which managed to cover her whole body in a layer that would not shack off. As my husband started to try and get the sand off one meltdown commenced. He brought to my attention that it was in her eyes which triggered my meltdown of trying to help her.

Getting sand out of a baby’s eyes is more than pretty hard. Especially if you are carrying sand covered objects and covered in sand yourself. Seriously the shit gets everywhere. As I started to pour water into my hands to try and get this poor screaming baby’s face clean an angel appeared with the weirdest advice that I’d ever heard in my life.

Is there sand in her eyes? The angel asked

Yes her big sister decided it was a good idea to kick it on her. I replied

Lick her eyes.

*Questionable look and long pause from both me and my husband*

I promise, 4 babies later and it’s the only way to get it out. (She then licks her 7-year-old daughter’s eyes)

Ok then (I lick Lil’ Peanut’s eyes clean of the sand) Hey it worked! Thank you so much!

That Mothers advice changed my whole day. Meltdown from Mommy averted. Baby happy until shower time. So regardless of unsolicited, random or even strange advice. You never know when it’s just what you need.

Go ahead, lick your baby’s eyes. Unless they have pink eye, that’d be gross. Squirt breast milk in their eye in that case.



Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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