The Newest Member of the Family

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The force is strong with this one…..

Kylo Ruff

Mom is a Boykin Spaniel and we think the dad is a Catahoula Leopard dog. Doesn’t look a thing like mom. He was born in November while we were at Walt Disney World
Kylo RuffHe has a beautiful coat. It’s white and black, it also has two different colors of grey (light and dark), and his face has a few spots of light brown. His eyes haven’t settled yet but they were still blue when we met him but have since turned brown. I still see a little blue in one eye though. Kylo Ruff

His name is Kylo Ruff. 

That’s right Star Wars geeks. He has all the Star Wars gear to go with him too. I went a little crazy at Petco.     

We could a great lease holder to hold our new First Order “The force is strong with this one” leash. I also found an Ewok jacket for my Nero pup.

His puppy collar is a Darth Vadar one with a BB-8 ID tag and a First Order muffler on it. When he grows out of it it will go to Nero while Kylo gets a Resistance collar that is bigger.      We even found some Star Wars toys. A Lightsaber and a chew bone. 
I’m sure I’ll go back (a third time) to replace all our pet beds and bowls with more Star Wars gear.  There was a lot. 

  And I spoil my dogs. 

Gator and Nero are both over 12 years old so they are taking the hyper pup with slow patience. They are warming up to him and playing more now that they know he is staying. 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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