The Turn: The Hollows Begins with Death – Book Review

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The Turn: The Hollows Begins with Death - Book Review is the story of “the Turn” which is the mass plague that struck to humans killing so many that the Inderlanders decided to reveal themselves to help save the humans. A nearly mass extinction event that caused quite a bit of chaos and raises many questions during The Hollows Series. 

Seriously? A tomato!

What happened in Detroit?

Why does Algaliarept know the Kalamack name?

All questions that are answered in the prequel. 

The book follows Trisk in her career of genetic studies. We also have Kal who is a snot-nosed, selfish brat. It must run in the Kalamack family. They are elves that plan to study to help “fix” their species so that they can help future generations and reverse what the demons did to them when they left the Ever After. 

Trisk is assigned to work in a human research lab to keep an eye on the science that is brewing and making sure that the humans don’t accidentally kill themselves. Trisk helps to write the genetic code that makes Inderlanders immune to a biological weapon that the humans created. In her time in the lab, she created the T4 Angel tomato which was drought resistant and all over the world in products like ketchup, pasta sauce, or a plain sandwich. Then something went terribly wrong.  


I needed a Hollows refresher when I started The Turn. With that said, this story has everything a Hollows lover wants. You get all of the Inderlander creatures before they come out of hiding and the scary way that the Turn took place. We get a deep look into the Kalamack family and the disturbing relationship that it turned out to be. The book made me want to go back and read the whole series to point out the ways that Trenton was much like his father. This also allows the reader to sympathize with Trenton’s character because you get to see how much of a shmuck his father is. I like that this story also focused on the Elves more and why they were so quiet and hidden. It’s because they are incredibly selfish and hell bent on saving their species. 

We get to see some familiar characters from the series as well.
Algaliarept – Always the devilish character! You love to hate him.
Piscary – Master of all things and playing a big role in The Turn and why the Inderlanders come out of hiding. 
Quen Hansen – The highlight of the book in my opinion. We see his battle with The Turn and how he feels about Trisk.

The books main plot seemed a little rushed at times. I’m not sure if this was because the science behind the bridge was difficult to convey or it just needed to get out there to finish the story. We got a couple of different climactic scenes that reminding me or Rachel’s awesome adventures.  My heart breaks for Trisk and the life she had to live after everything happened. The Hollows Series is still one of my favorites. I could read them over and over again. 

The Turn: The Hollows Begins with Death is a must read for Hollows fans. The Turn hits shelves February 7th. 

This post contains affiliate links. I was given a review copy for my honest review. 

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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.


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