Time to Reconnect with My Family by Disconnecting

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I’ve spent the last week on a road trip with my husband to New Orleans. I was there for a blogging conference called iRetreat. I’ve been on my phone, tablet and laptop nearly nonstop during the trip. My head hurts from looking at all the screen. It was a working trip, so I was taking pictures during our meal and sending tweets out for the conference. I realized during one of our meals that I wasn’t taking pictures during, that my husband was doing something on his phone also. We were the couple that was looking at our phones during dinner, instead of having a conversation and enjoying our time. So I made sure to put our phones away after that. I took my pictures of the food and then placed it back into my purse and made sure my husband put his in his pocket. It made me think of the time we spend with our girls at dinner also. 

We decided to cut our trip short after we started missing our girls so much. We were FaceTiming them twice a day and getting screen kisses, but I wanted the real thing. My girls are big snugglers too, so I wanted to sit on my couch and get my baby kisses as soon as possible. Now that we are home I want to keep up with going #DarkForDinner. This Sunday, I’m pledging to go Dark for Dinner. That means no electronics or smart gadgets at the table for Dinner. We are going to enjoy a meal together without any distractions. To talk about the things we did today and what we want to do tomorrow. 

Nobody wants to compete for attention over a device. It drives me crazy when I have to ask my kids something multiple times because they are watching TV or my husband is checking his phone. I know they feel the same way when I am doing it too. Take away the distractions and get back to your family. Dixie is asking families all over to take the pledge with me and go #DarkForDinner on Sunday night for dinner.  

I think we will make our dinner a special game night as well. Special game nights like that create lasting memories for kids. It’s something they will talk about when they get older and have their own children. 


Will you be making the pledge?

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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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