Tips for Organizing a Kid’s Room

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A child’s room can be one of the most cluttered parts of the house if the parents do not have a plan to organize all the toys and clothes. A parent will ultimately be the one in charge of the whole organizing process, and once the room is completely organized the first time around, things should get easier from there. Organizing a kids room helps them clean up after themselves so you don’t have to be the one doing it.

Every child’s room should have labels to assist in the organization process. Labels can be bought by the hundreds for cheap and are a great tool for ensuring a child’s room gets organized. Another helpful tip is to buy bins that are plastic and using a dry erase marker on the outside so you can change what the bin’s label is with ease.Childs Room Organization

The main areas of the room should be determined, and each area should have its corresponding label. Some areas to be labeled should include winter clothes, summer clothes, bed linens, toys, and books, just to name a few. Labeling helps put items into general categories, and it is obvious to both the parent and the child where the items should go. Labeling is an important step in ensuring the organization of a kid’s bedroom.

Best way to organize toys

Storage bins are one of the best ways to organize toys. While storage shelves like the one below are great for quick clean up and toy storage, it’s not as appealing to the eye. As I mentioned above, you can label these bins for easy cleanup.Toy Organization

I’m a big fan of the toy drawers method that allows you to hide the toys away in a drawer that can also be removed for easy play time. I have two storage shelves in our toy area that have cloth bins that slide in and out.

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The organization process should continue with breaking the areas into smaller groups. For example, if your child has a large collection of Barbies, they should go into one box which should be labeled and put into the toy section. This is going to make life a lot easier for the child when they are cleaning up, and this also prevents putting things into the wrong places.

Downsize containers. Puzzles take up a ton of space with the boxes. Here is a great way to organize your kid’s puzzles to help you save space.

How to Organize Kids PuzzlesNot long ago we also made a “creativity station” that was perfect for doing homework, making art, or even building LEGO’s.Creativity Station - Art, Homework and LEGO Table

Organizing your child’s clothes

We placed labels inside the dresser drawers to make it easy for the kids to put away their own laundry. There are designated drawers for everything. Another way to help organize the clothing is to take out seasonal clothes and store them in plastic bins with lids that snap closed. You can either store these bins on a shelf or in the bottom of your child’s closet in case they want to quickly find a short sleeve shirt. It also makes donating or storing clothes for younger siblings because they are already sorted by size and season. Seasonal clothing storage

We organize all of our dress-up clothes in a custom made area that rolls and has space for all the shoes, clothes, and accessories. Make sure to check out the dress-up clothes periodically, with the fabrics being thinner, they tend to tear easily. Clear our the stuff that no longer fits or is torn to shreds.dress-up storage

One of the biggest tips for organizing a child’s room is to make sure the child is cleaning up after themselves. The parents make this job a lot easier by helping to have each area labeled, so the kids have an easy job of keeping it organized. There has to be the responsibility of the parent to make sure the child is cleaning up after themselves, and if they are not, there needs to be some disciplinary action taken. The parent buys the toys for the child, provides the room for them, and the child gets to play with the toys. Parents need to make sure that the child is at least picking up after they play and this will ensure that the child’s room stays organized.

The hardest part of the process of getting a child’s room organized is the first cleaning. Once everything is done and labeled, the maintenance process should be easy, providing the parent makes sure the child is doing their part.

Need more ideas for organizing? Here are some for every room in your house. 

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