Top 20+ S.T.E.A.M. Gifts for Kids

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We’ve reviewed and checked out some great S.T.E.A.M. items over the last year. Here are some of our favorites. We’ve done a few reviews on some of these items so make sure you check them out! Some even have videos so that you can see it in action.

This post contains affiliate links and links for full reviews of the products. 

1- Snap CircuitsLearn all about electricity and coding with Snap Circuits from Elenco. These sets are so fun to build and then turn on to see if you created all the right connections. 

Snap Circuits My Home Kit

2 – Kano Kits – Kano makes the COOLEST technology that you have to build before you can use it.

      • Harry Potter Coding Wand – Build a wand that responds to your movements. Learn to code with 70+ step-by-step creative challenges. Make feathers fly, goblets multiply, fire flow, pumpkins grow, and more. Read our review here.
      • Pixel Light Kit – Code the light for fun games, animated pictures, or even a talking face.

3 – Osmo Games– We own the Osmo Genius Kit and a few other Osmo games. My kids love the Osmo world. They sit down and play (learn) for HOURS! I suggest getting a kit because it comes with a few games to play. These are fantastic hands-on games that take screen time to a whole new level. Osmo Gaming System Review

4 – JIMU Robot Kits – These kits with hundreds of pieces to build your own robot and then code and program him to do all kinds of things. Read our review here.JIMU robot overdrive kit

5 – Science Related Box Kits – We’ve reviewed a few different boxes and I’ve never been disappointed by the fun and learning that comes with these boxes. Here are a few great ones to choose from.

Photo Jun 01, 3 35 45 PM
6 – Arts and Crafts boxes or kits

Seedling – Seedling offers amazing kids crafts kits, including a collection of Disney ones. Use this link and get $10 off! You can also find Seedling kits on Amazon now.

Play-doh – You can’t go wrong with Play-doh…kids love it, no matter the age.

7 – Project MC2 – Almost all of the toys in this line include some form of S.T.E.A.M. aspect. From candy making to lava lamps there are lots of fun things in this line of toys. Check out some of our reviews.

Project MC2 Circuit Beats


Camryn’s Skateboard

8 – Ozobot Starter Kit – Ozobot is a powerful tiny robot that teaches STEM and computer science learning through a collection of game-based activities and digital apps. Its easy-to-understand color code language makes Ozobot the perfect choice for introducing young minds to concepts that are vital to their success in the 21st century.

9 – codeSpark – Kids can learn to code at home. There are no words and it includes a research-backed curriculum from MIT and Princeton. Has the added bonus of including logic, empathy, and creativity.

10 – GoldieBlox – This is one of those companies that I’ve been supporting since its start-up days. We love these sets and the way you can creatively build and engineer different things. Check out our review here. Getting Girls Interested in Engineering with GlodieBlox

13 – STEM Books – We’ve read lots of books that are meant to inspire little learners in the STEM field.

The Questioneers

Ara the Star Engineer

Lizzy’s World – An augmented reality storytelling app that places the story in your world.

14 – SMATH Game – It’s like Scrabble but with Math. We got this game a few months ago and it was super fun and my daughter really enjoys it. smath game

15 – Dr. Eureka – This is another fun game we got for our STEM Saturday special. You become the mad scientist by mixing the chemicals (plastic balls) in the proper order as you race against the clock and your fellow scientists. Check out our video of the game here. Dr. Eureka S.T.E.M. Saturday's

14 – 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen This one is on JaMonkey’s Christmas list this year. 3D Printing is huge and they can be pretty expensive. This is a fun creative way to put the power in your hands, literally. I can already imagine all the new clothing she is going to design for her toys and 3D print them. The kit they sell on Amazon has exclusive items in the box that you can’t find anywhere else.

17 – littleBits – This brand was started by women and Sphero then bought them.  Super awesome toys for kids that love to tinker. Start with the base kit and build on from there. Getting started inventing with electronics has never been easier. The Base Kit is the perfect way to unleash creativity in kids and younger makers, empowering them to create inventions of every shape and size, with no prior electronics experience. Your kids (and you!) can learn the basics of electronics, explore STEAM/STEM principles, form the foundations of critical thinking, or just have fun with blinking, buzzing creations. Bits snap together with magnets, so it’s impossible to make a mistake. The Base Kit comes 10 Bits and a step-by-step guidebook to get you started with 8 easy-to-make inventions, with hundreds of more possibilities online. You can control a car with the DC motor and light sensor, or scare your friends with a hidden button and a buzzer. It’s the perfect way to get little inventors building, with no soldering, wiring or programming required.

18 – 4M Tin Can Robot – This is an affordable way to get your kids into robotics.

Challenge your child’s imagination with the 4M Tin Can Robot. Perfect for any young scientist, this fun robotics kit teaches the value of recycling by repurposing a used soda can into a moving, functional robot. The included supplies allow adults and kids to build a motorized monster, silly robot, or any combination of the two. Not only does it foster creativity, it’s an excellent opportunity to show kids how toys are assembled and function.

This kit includes the necessary components, accessories, and easy-to-follow instructions. Simply supply one soda can, a Phillips head screwdriver, and one AA battery. Recommended for ages 9 and up.

Need more ideas? Check out our favorites here!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.


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  1. These are AWESOME! There is also a company called Budsies that has a creativity kit gift box where you can draw something and then Budsies will turn that drawing into a stuffed animal. It’s pretty neat and great for kids of all ages!


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