Turkey Popcorn Treat Bags

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Need a fun way to keep the kids occupied during Thanksgiving? These Turkey Popcorn Treat Bags are a great activity that kids can make together. They also would be a great treat for teachers to share at a school party. They are super easy to make and OH so adorable.Turkey Popcorn Treat Bags

My kids are always bored during Thanksgiving because the adults are all busy cooking together. You can set the kids up at the table and let them make these treats. Have them start by sorting the candy into colors. Make sure to tell them we need them all to fill the gloves or you’ll end up with the kiddos eating all the candy beforehand.

Make sure to grab clear, powder-free gloves for this craft. You can find them at Walmart or order them online from Amazon.

Can you believe it is almost Fall!? My favorite time of year. Colorful leaves, pumpkin spice everything, school breaks, and family gatherings are some of my highlights.




Turkey Popcorn Treat Bags

Thanksgiving Turkey Popcorn Treat Bags

An easy activity to make with kids for Thanksgiving. Make that at school or at home while they are waiting for Thanksgiving dinner!

What you will need


  • Scissors
  • Optional: Clear tape, Clear rubber bands


  • Take one glove and fill the thumb with red candy pieces. Fill the remaining finger spots with yellow, brown, green or orange candies.
    Turkey Treat Bag Step 1
  • Fill the middle of the glove with popcorn. Make it quite full so the popcorn is packed to keep the candy in place.
  • Twist or fold the bottom of the glove (opening) to the back and use either glue or a piece of tape to secure it in place, so the popcorn and candy don't fall out.
  • Add a googly eye just above the thumb.
    Turkey Treat Bag Step 2
  • Twist the thumb down for the wattle. (optional: secure with a clear rubber band)
  • Cut out a beak using the scissors and orange construction paper. Spread a thin layer of glue on the back and secure it just above the wattle.
  • Continue this process until the desired number of bags is completed.


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Aren’t these so much fun!? I would even consider making these for Halloween and passing them out to kids. The kids will love doing this fun project. I know a few people that love eating their popcorn with something sweet sprinkled in, so you can dump this in a bowl and mix it all together for a yummy treat!

Turkey Popcorn Treat Bags

Where would you bring these fun turkey treats? Tell me in the comments. 

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    • Hey Stephanie, it really depends on the kind M&Ms you are buying and how many students you have in the classroom. If you can’t use Peanut M&Ms due to an allergy, it will take more regular M&Ms to fill the glove. The one I link to is a 62 oz bag and I think that is the biggest size they make for “regular” consumers. I always say buy more than you think you need, you could always enjoy them during a class party or even use them at Christmas time to make gingerbread houses.


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