Turn Your Child’s Art into a Stuffed Animal – Budsies Review

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Budsies are the perfect gift to transform the imagination of your child’s art into a huggable stuffed animal keepsake. 

Kids are creative. They make the best, most imaginative masterpieces. I wish I could hold on to everything but there isn’t enough room in my house. So when Budsies asked me to try out their amazing service I jumped at the opportunity. Budsies will turn your child’s artwork into a one of a kind exact replica stuffed animal. I don’t mean it will look kind of like the image, I mean mirror, 3 dimensional recreation or it. It is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen when it comes to kids stuff.

Can you read the excitement in my text!? Budsies are the perfect gift to transform the imagination of your child's art into a huggable stuffed animal keepsake.

I explained the process to my daughter and told her to create something she loved. We went through a lot of drafts until she finally decided on a pink unicorn with rainbow hair and red pouty lips. She’s not girly at all. I showed her pictures of some of the other kids creations so that she understood the process and what they would send her. That’s why it took a few days to finally decide on the perfect picture.

After she completed the picture I started the ordering process online. It’s was incredibly simple. You simply put in your shipping and billing information and then upload your child’s artwork. We used a scanner to make sure the details came out but you could snap a picture also. Once it was uploaded I described the photo in detail so that the toy designer didn’t miss anything.

And now we wait….Due to the nature of the toy being handmade and one of a kind, it takes longer to receive. But when it arrived my daughter was jumping through the roof in happiness that she designed this great stuffed animal. Every day she comes up to me and says, Mom I really love my unicorn, they even got the lips right!

Budsies would make a great gift for any child. Especially if you surprise them with it. If you plan on giving it to a child for a special occasion make sure to check their website first to see shipping estimates. During busy seasons like Christmas the wait time can be around 9 weeks. If it doesn’t arrive in time, Budsies has a Birth Certificate that you can give to your child to let them know it is coming. Budsies are only $69, which to me is a great price for a one of a kind stuffed animal that no other child will have because it was designed by your child! That’s pretty awesome.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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