Two Handsome Boys Got a New Furdo

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My dogs are starting to get a little spoiled. I took the two youngest ones to Petco this past week so that they could get some pampering in. I love taking Nero in because Petco does such an excellent job with his hair. They give him a teddy bear cut, and his fur is always so soft when he comes home, and it lasts for weeks. Kylo, on the other hand, usually looks exactly the same, but with a cute bandana. But on this trip, he got some special treatment as well. Photo Jun 29, 10 04 45 AM

I had snapped this picture of Nero before we visited the Petco Grooming center. It made me giggle because it looks like he is smiling or laughing. He’s just yawning, but it is still cute. His hair grows really fast and starts to get into his eyes. My husband put hair gel in his fur the other day and gave him a puppy mohawk to keep it out of his face. I keep his hair shorter than most Yorkshire Terriers because it is so hot here in the South. It’s either too hot or too wet outside, and that combination isn’t good for long hair that is close to the ground. He tends to get messy very fast which is why I like to keep it shorter. Photo Jun 29, 10 05 28 AM

Petco has this great deshedding treatment that they can do on short haired dogs. My friend swears by it, so I thought I would give it a try on Kylo. So far he is shedding a lot less. His nails also grow wicked fast, so I get them trimmed on a regular basis; I’m too scared to do it because I don’t want to hurt him. I’ve always been so pleased with our local Petco because the stylists know that Kylo has anxiety around anything new or when I leave. He is still less than a year old and pretty skittish around everything. Petco made sure to keep him with his brother Nero so that he had someone familiar with him. Photo Jun 29, 2 59 29 PM

Petco has over 1,200 locations with Petco Grooming available from Petco Certified Stylists and offers bathing, hair cutting, and spa service packages. Every grooming service begins with the 7-Point Pet Care Check: a visual and physical screening that checks for abnormalities on your pet’s eyes, ears, teeth, nose, underside, skin, coat, nails, and pads. They take walk-ins and offer á la carte services as well. My local store even has a self-service bathing station inside it! I’ve never tried it; I prefer when the Petco Stylists do the grooming because they are trained (so well) to do it. Photo Jun 29, 2 56 04 PM

These handsome boys came home with tails wagging as the girls cuddled up with them and checked out their new bandanas. We will continue to use Petco for our grooming because I’ve always been so pleased with them. I also earn Pals Rewards on everything I buy from Petco, so my grooming helps me earn discounts on their food and other items.

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