Unforgettable Movie Night with Kids – Golden Oreo Popcorn

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Spending quality time takes more then sitting and watching a movie. It’s about the lead up and the excitement. It’s about selecting your favorite popcorn and then adding something special like candy or sprinkles mixed in. Letting your kids pick and help make it. It’s setting up lots of pillows and making a movie making fort in your living room to make movie night like no other! So that’s exactly what we did. We got up bright and early for the release of the new Rio 2 movie at Walmart and grabbed everything we needed for our awesome movie night. 

We used our $1 off coupon (while supplies last) for the Pop Secret Popcorn. Then grabbed some theater sized candies to share and mix into our popcorn along with the movie.

Before we set up our movie theater in our living room we made our special popcorn. We got two kinds of Pop Secret, some movie theater butter and also some Kettle Corn that we used for the Gold Oreo Popcorn Recipe. Pop Secret has this really cool app on iOS for iPhone 5+ called the Perfect Pop App and it’s to help make sure you get the perfect bag of popcorn every time, no matter what kind of microwave you are using. So I let the girls test it out with their Movie Theater Butter popcorn  bags to see how well it worked. 

To make our Golden Oreo Popcorn we used Mega Stuf Golden Oreos. We crushed them up so they were in crumbles the size of the popcorn. We used about 12-14 cookies.
Unforgettable Movie Night and Golden Oreo Popcorn

Then I popped some Pop Secret Kettle Corn and mixed them together to that the Oreo and the popcorn were mixed throughout. We only needed one bag. It was hard keeping little fingers out of the mix. Unforgettable Movie Night and Golden Oreo Popcorn

In a microwave safe bowl heat white chocolate chips until melted, stirring every 20 seconds to make sure it doesn’t burn. I used about a 2/3 cup. I then mixed all of the ingredients together so that the popcorn was thoroughly coated with the white chocolate and  Oreos. Unforgettable Movie Night and Golden Oreo Popcorn

We then transferred our Golden Oreo Popcorn to our special popcorn holders that I printed out. Everyone had their own bag to eat out of. 
Unforgettable Movie Night and Golden Oreo Popcorn
We invited some friends over to join in our movie fun and snacks too. We placed everything on a tray and placed it on the floor making it easy for the kids to grab. Along with our special popcorn we put out the Movie Theater Butter Pop Secret and some assorted movie theater candies in case anyone wanted to get creative with their mix ins. 
Unforgettable Movie Night and Golden Oreo Popcorn

We transformed the living room into a fort with christmas lights and grabbed every pillow from around the house. The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. The spent most of the day underneath it even thought we didn’t start the movie until after dinner time. Movie-Night-FortThe kids settled into their spots to watch the new Rio 2 movie and enjoy our yummy snacks. 
Unforgettable Movie Night and Golden Oreo Popcorn
It was a pretty comfy under down on the floor. The kids tried to talk me into letting them sleep down there  for the evening. 

Unforgettable Movie Night and Golden Oreo Popcorn

 The night was a huge success and the kids had a blast. There were lots for giggles and satisfied tummies.

Golden Oreo Popcorn

Meghan Cooper
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Total Time 15 mins
Servings 4

What you will need

  • 1 bag of Pop Secret Kettle Corn
  • 12-14 Golden Oreos
  • 2/3 cup white chocolate chips


  • Crush Golden Oreos into the desired size, for a fine coating, use a food processor
  • Pop popcorn as directed
  • In a microwave-safe bowl, melt white chocolate in 20-second intervals stirring in between
  • Mix popcorn and Oreos together first
  • Then, mix white chocolate in.


This popcorn is best consumed immediately, like you'd want to wait anyways.
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  1. This look like so much fun! I love your living room transformation, especially the use of the Christmas lights. The Golden Oreo popcorn sounds so good, I’m sure that would be a hit in my house.


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