Unique Date Night Ideas

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Unique Date Night Ideas Going out to dinner can be fine and dandy, but sometimes you want to do something new when you are going out for a date night. So here are some unique date night ideas that you and your significant other are sure to love.

Indoor Skydiving – Experience something thrilling and new without jumping out of an airplane. They teach you how to fly and you get a couple turns to experience the wind in your hair. Check out my full review of iFly here.

Foodie Date Nights

Craft beer or wine tasting – There is an increasing amount of wineries and growler shops opening up all over the place. Pop in for a tasting, and you can spend the evening sampling new wines or craft beers; most places also teach you about different flavor notes and techniques that make for great conversation.

Cooking Classes – Learn a new dish or even a new cuisine. We recently were invited to a friend gathering with a charity that supports refugees, and they made authentic food dishes and taught us about the culture and ways we can get involved. It was amazing!

Dinner and a Drag Show – Enjoy the ultimate fun show at a drag show!

Dinner during a movie – Dinner and then a movie were so last year. Check out some of the upgraded theaters that offer dinner and drinks during your movie! Some theaters have built one theater that has the reclining chairs and waiters that come to you at the push of a button.

Competitive Date Night Ideas

laser tag, bowling, golf or go-carts – My husband and I love going to Main Event here in Atlanta to feed our competitive side with bowling and laser tag. We enjoy dinner and drinks right at the lane while we bowl a set. Then afterward, we hit the laser tag floor to sweat it out, capture the flag style. We also hog the air hockey and Mario Kart arcade games because we are both so good at them. He still can’t beat me at air hockey, though, well actually, not many people can. You can also check out Andretti’s for indoor cart racing, which is nice during the winter months! Mini golf is another big hit in our house, one day I’ll try my hand at Top Golf.

Escape Rooms and Axe Throwing – The latest hot spots for date nights or a night out with friends is to try your hand at an escape room or throwing axes are a bullseye. I think this circles back around to the competitive date nights, but with escape rooms, you have to work together as a team, and that is what makes them so popular.

Laser Tag

Take a craft class – Whether you’re painting, dancing, or glassblowing, learn a new skill or find a new hobby


Stargazing – Load up the truck bed with pillows and blankets and find a secluded area away from the city streetlights. You can admire the dazzling sights of our Milky Way.  Truck bed date night

History stroll – Visit your local museum or art gallery for an evening of history and culture. Here in Atlanta, our museums host some great unique events for adults after hours the involve drink specials.

Ice skating – You have a small window to go to an outdoor ice skating rink (generally November – February), but there are indoor ice rinks also. But if you can’t find either, hit the roller skating rink and bring back some middle school memories of doing the backward strut skate. ice skating

Whatever you decide, enjoy each other over some great conversation. One of my favorite things to do is sit in a coffee shop couch and just talk.

5 Awesome Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

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