Upcycled Game Table

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This project was brought to you by Green Works.
Upcycled Game TableIt’s Spring cleaning time and that means it’s out with the old and in with the new. It’s was also Earth day this week and what better way to celebrate than a repurposing project. My husband and I made this awesome upcycled game table this week. It came out exactly as I had pictured it would and my kids are excited to play with it. 

Last week my dining room table finally died on me when the leg was broken off a second time. It was thrown into the backyard to be burned but then I stumbled upon a game board at a thrift store and I thought it would be the perfect time to start on a new project.     IMG_7767.JPG

We saved the legs and some of the scrap wood from the table to build a new table that the game board can be flipped in and out of. Inside the table will be a storage area for the game board pieces. The board has beautiful inlaid wood to create the backgammon board and the other side has a tic tac toe board and a cribbage peg board as well. I only had to buy a few things for this project. A 2X4, a piece of plywood, a baseboard and some black paint. Everything else was repurposed from other materials.  IMG_7770.JPG

We started by building a box. My plan was to have the board rest just inside the box with the handles holding it up. This would give me an area to hold all the pieces for the games underneath the game board. IMG_7768.JPG

Once the box was built we put the old dining room legs on the bottom of it. Then we used the scrap wood from the dining table to create a second box around the top of the legs for added support. I used a piece of baseboard to cover the plywood and 2X4 box. This gave it a nice leveled look and an added flare. We primed the entire table so that we had an even surface to paint. 


In order to fit the game board into the box we drilled a notch for the handles to slip into and out of. When the handles are placed inside they provide an easy way to flip the game board over to play the different games. 


I then painted the whole table black to match the outer trim of the game board. IMG_7774.JPG

 I lined the inside of the table with a black felt that I had leftover from various projects. I placed the backgammon dice, checkers and the cribbage pegs into the table and placed the board on top. Upcycled Game Table

I used Green Works All-Purpose Cleaner to scrub the game board down, to remove the grease pencil they used to write all over it and to kill any germs. You don’t have to compromise on clean to be green.        Upcycled Game Table

The table came out great! Now I need to find a good place to keep it. Upcycled Game Table

GW_CMYK_L_BM_Lock-up_020314I love breathing new life into something that was destined for the trash. Green Works is celebrating the power in nature by enlisting acclaimed metal artist Rebecca Anders to turn scrap into sculpture.Rebecca is a local Oakland artist based in their backyard to turn the dirtiest, greasiest kitchen materials found in the bay area into an impactful sculpture of a daisy. Watch below as she makes this trash into a beautiful garden sculpture.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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