Upcycled Ombre Dresser

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Upcycled Ombre Dresser Girls have a lot of clothes. I know that’s completely my fault but it doesn’t make it less true. It was time to take out the baby dresser that’s been in my daughter’s room since she was born (6 years ago) and get her a bigger dresser. 

Instead of going out and buying a new one I took to my local yard sales, craigslist and mom exchange on Facebook to look for a dresser. I finally found one listed for only $25. I was planning on simply painting it white but I remembered something I saw on Pinterest about Ombre painted furniture. 

It’s so simple to do!
Upcycled Ombre Dresser

The dresser is made of a cheap particle board so it took a few coats of paint to cover the wood. I was ok with the wood grain coming through the wood also, it gave it a white washed look. 

Upcycled Ombre Dresser

The next thing you need are a few different colors of paint for each drawer. You only need a little so get the testers, they are only $3! The best way to do this is to get a paint palette sheet. I went to home depot and the only paint that had a full paint palette was the Behr paint shelf. You need to make sure that if the sheet doesn’t have all the colors you need (I needed 5 for each drawer) that you need to get the sheet that corresponds to that color. If you notice in the top right hand corner the numbers are the same. This means they are in the same family. If you get any other palette the colors will not match the ombre style. Upcycled Ombre Dresser

I then painted the dresser all white with a few coats of ultra white. I decided not to do the primer and paint in one because I wanted the wood grain. What I actually should have done was use KILZ to seal the wood and prime it at the same time. Because Stains started appearing on the wood after the paint was applied. 
Upcycled Ombre Dresser

I painted the front of all of the drawers with the white paint (as a primer) also so that the ombre would come out the way that it was supposed to. I also painted the handles white. I had planned on getting center to center Eurobars for the pull handles but they can get pricey the the longer they are. I think I’ll buy them one at a time and then install them later. Upcycled Ombre Dresser

I then painted each drawer with a different color. Each color is just one shade darker then the one before it. It came out really cute! My daughter is going to have a lot more space for all her clothes. Plus she loves the pink! I’ll post pictures from her room when I finish the rest of the remodel.  

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I’m glad you went for the ombre style rather than just painting it white. The different shades add so much to the furniture!


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