Verizon Wireless Nokia Lumia Icon #VZWLife

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I’ve been an iPhone user for a long time. I’ve tried to use other phones but when you’re so used to something you generally stick with it. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t like testing out new products that I’ve heard others rave about. I was sent the new Nokia Lumia Icon to try out from Verizon Wireless. This thing is one heck of a smartphone. I’ve only had it a short while and I still haven’t discovered all the things it can do. But so far, it’s pretty awesome and I can see why people love it. I imagine Windows 8 users would be a big fan of having a Windows phone. It would sync with everything in your SkyDrive just like an Apple users would in the iCloud. My husband is an avid Windows user so I’m going to give it to him to test out for a little bit too to see if he likes the interface. 

Nokia Lumia Icon #VZWLife

But let’s start with my favorite feature first, the 20MP camera. The Icon has two different camera apps pre-installed. One is the Nokia Pro Camera and the other is a standard camera. In the Pro Cam you can adjust settings like the shutter speed, ISO and even the exposure. You can even shoot pictures in RAW format. These are settings that you can find on a DSLR! They create stunning pictures. The zoom feature is one handed, so you can take pictures when you’re fumbling around with a toddler in the other hand. It can also records HD videos in 1080p. It’s a phone photographers dream! It also has a really cool Action Shot feature that takes a sequence of 10 photos at 4 frames per second. Then gives you the option to choose the best shot or combine them. Another handy feature when you have kids that move around very fast. Nokia Lumia Icon #VZWLife

The back on the Icon has a slight curve to it, making it fit nicely into your hand. It’s loaded with a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and 2 GB of RAM. Match that with the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE and it’s crazy fast! What blew me away was the fact that it has 32 GB of storage on the base model! I had to pay (A LOT) extra for that in my iPhone. It’s a good thing you have the storage too, because you need a place for all the amazing photos you’ll be taking. Another great feature that I see more and more smartphones are getting is wireless charging. It doesn’t come with a charging mat, but if you already have one, you don’t need a special case to charge it. Just simply place it on the mat. 
Nokia Lumia Icon #VZWLife

Another one of my top favorite features are the live tiles. This is something that you can find on Android (as widgets) and Windows phones but not iOS devices. Apple needs to get with the program and let us get our info without opening an app. It’s so handy to see a new update and read it right on the home screen without opening the full app. Because we all like to peek at our phones in a meeting or in class to see if anything good is happening.Nokia Lumia Icon #VZWLife

Here is a look at the live tiles on the home screen. 

Nokia Lumia Icon #VZWLife

It’s just getting on the “too big” size. I like being able to use my phone with one handed so I need to be able to reach across the whole screen. The screen is a 5″ OLED display that you can see in any light. It’s always bright, even in the sun.  All in all I liked the Nokia Lumia Icon. The camera is the main selling point for sure. I’ve been hearing amazing things about all the different Nokia smartphones and their camera. It’s like having a point and shoot camera in your back pocket!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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