Veterinary Science Kit for Animal Lovers

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Do you have a child that loves animals? Get them interested in veterinary science with this fun science kit that teaches children about the aspects of Veterinary physicians’ daily lives.

This week for S.T.E.M. Saturday we have a fun new kit to share with you. The Scientific Explorer® Veterinary Science Kit includes six activities that we did together.

Check out our full video of the Scientific Explorer® Veterinary Science Kit.

Squish really enjoyed this kit. We are a family that has three dogs and an abundance of love for animals in general, so this was a fantastic learning kit. Her favorite activity in the box was the cat anatomy poster. She loved putting it together and learning about the different organs and aspects of the cat.

Scientific Explorer® produces fantastic educational kits that allow children to be hands-on in a fun new way. We spent time using our critical thinking skills and imagination while exploring the different activities the package offers.

Learning about a veterinarian’s day to day routine can include looking at X-rays and Sonograms. There are cards to learn about the different machines and what they do, and a few different animals that a vet may work on from horses to dogs, or even snakes.

Cuts and wounds need stitches to heal, so the suturing training kit teaches children the different types of stitches and knot tying. I’ve seen suturing kits like the one included in the kit that doctors practice on, so that was neat to know that this is a tool that vets actually use. Squish had sewn before, so she had a general idea, but learning the additional stitches took her learning to the next level.

There are two sets of molds in the Scientific Explorer® Veterinary Science Kit. A plaster dog, and four gelatin ticks. The dog mold is to practice fixing fractures like broken bones by placing a cast on a plaster dog. If the plaster dog breaks during the extraction from the mold, it makes the activity even more realistic.

The jelly ticks were another activity that she really enjoyed doing as well. Living in the South, we see a lot of ticks, and having dogs amplifies that even more. The tick mold teaches about the different types of ticks veterinarians come across and the illnesses they can cause in animals.

The kit comes with everything you will need to do all of the activities in the box. Aside from using a bowl to stir the plaster, I didn’t have to find anything for my daughter to enjoy the kit. It makes being able to keep the learning fun the moment they receive the kit. No running around trying to find ingredients or tools that were not included.

Science kits like these are a great way to teach kids about some of the different career fields that they could go into when they grow up. S.T.E.M. learning early can spark an interest in a specific subject that parents can help to guide kids to the appropriate resources.

We enjoyed the Scientific Explorer® Veterinary Science Kit and look forward to checking out some of the other fabulous kits that they have to offer.
Purchase the Scientific Explorer® Veterinary Science Kit here or at your local Walmart!

***Not For Children Under 3 Years. Recommended For Ages 6 And Up.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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