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I upped my editing game this past year and started including more videos with a lot of my blog posts. I also have had to produce projects for school that required video editing. Being able to edit video on my laptop while I’m at school and on the go is a must.

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Adobe Premiere Elements

This year I decided to upgrade my old laptop with more memory and a faster hard drive. I made the decision to use a fresh install of the OS as well to keep it running faster. This means finding tools and software that cut down on space. I recently downloaded Adobe Premiere Elements to edit on this laptop.

One of the things I love about the Elements edition of Adobe products the ability to create fantastic projects with editing tools you need in a stripped-down version. This fall I was tasked to create a collaborative video for a class project. All of the students in our class sent me their footage and I placed it into Adobe Premiere Elements to create the project. While I can’t show you the video I created in this class due to privacy concerns, I will tell you that the class was very happy with the end product.

I used some of the Adobe included titles and transition elements in this video. When you use these elements, they are stored in the cloud so it doesn’t overload your computer’s hard drive. When I found some I liked, it downed them for me to use.

If you are new to video editing you can use the Adobe tutorials to quickly learn the software right from the home screen. This is one of the best ways to learn how to use some of the additional features to make your video quality better. Like the ability to improve grainy low-light clips with the Reduce Noise effect.

There are two ways to edit in Adobe Premiere Elements you can use the Guided Edits and Quick Edits mode to make videos easily and move to the expert level as you learn more.

Another thing I use the software for is to create social media assets like GIFs and Instagram Stories and IGTV. I’m currently producing a series for the department I work for at the University.

Adobe software uses Adobe Sensei-powered smart tags and automatic people recognition to help you quickly find the videos you’re looking for in your project. Take your video editing to the next level with Adobe Premiere Elements available at Best Buy.

Also, check out Adobe Photoshop Elements for amazing photo editing.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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