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I’m so excited that my creative juices have retreated to Pinterest to get more inspiration for my Project Pinterest posts. I also started to realize that our guest bathroom is not guest friendly. So I would say that I will be doing a bathroom make over but if you look at this picture you will see there is nothing to makeover. It’s a blank canvas.

Guest Bathroom Before

So when I was asked to check out the new Olympic Paint Your Own Room from the ColorClix Suite. Paint Your Own Room allows the user to upload a photo of your room and preview it painted in any of the 1,200 Olympic Paint colors. How cool is that?!

So I uploaded the picture above to try out some different colors to get an idea of what would look good for our “Makeover.” Then the Paint Your Own Room feature has you select your walls. It’s a little complex but they give you a great tutorial that walks you through the entire process. So I told it which sections were walls, which were trim and what needed to be left alone.

Mark Your Wall

After you have your walls marked you can start to pick some colors you like to put into the sidebar.

Pick Your Colors

After you have a few to choose from, close the Pick your paint section. You will see the options you selected in the left hand sidebar. Drag the color onto the wall and it fills it in for you. Thats it!

Keep in mind that the lighting is terrible in this room so everything looks very “yellow.”

Light Blue

I even tried a more Bold color.

Some Red?

I love this tool! I think I might do it in our bedroom as well since I just painted my office and Big JaMonkey’s bedroom. So go check it out and get creative ideas for the rooms in your home. I’ll be posting my progress of our bathroom makeover. You can see some of my inspiration in the Pin Board I created on Pinterest.

Visit the ColorClix Suite to try out the new Paint Your Own Room tool.

This review was compensated by The Motherhood for my review of the Olympic ColorClix Paint Your Room tool. Support this campaign by Pinning it!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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