Volunteering For Thanksgiving

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generationOn-Logo_2c_SpotAs I mentioned in my previous post, Family Volunteer Day is the Saturday before Thanksgiving. generationOn and Disney Friends for Change are rallying thousands of families and kids across the country to participate. This year my daughter will be participating in her first on-site volunteering adventure. I’m excited that instead of just handing over money or food, she will get to experience making a meal for someone in need. We are participating in Family Volunteer Day together. 

This year we partnered with our local YMCA to make meals for those that don’t have a Thanksgiving meal to look forward to. We asked neighbors and friends to help donate specific items that they needed to make the meals. Things like bananas, granola bars, and deli meat. Easy things that people could pick up during their next grocery trip. My youngest can’t participate in the food prep, so she is helping collect the food donations with me while my husband and oldest help assemble and deliver the meals. Even though we aren’t all together at the same time, we are participating in the food drive together and that is teaching them to give to those in need, which is an important life lesson. 

Planning a Family Volunteer Day is the perfect way to jump start the holiday season of giving and service. It is so important to teach our children to give to those in need. When you have everything you need in life, there are others that do not. No child should be hungry, but there are some in the US without enough food to eat. No child should be sent to school without a coat, but they are. Teach your child early about the importance of giving and service will make them better human beings. Kind souls that care about everyone around them. 

generationON’s mission is to inspire, equip, and mobilize youth to take action that changes the world and themselves through service. Sometimes it is as simple as making holiday decorations to hang in a senior center or making a sandwich for the homeless. Little acts like this have a significant impact on those it helps, and when you child see the joy and happiness the brought to someone else’s day, they will want to continue helping. It’s a beautiful cycle that I hope more parents will start participating in with their children. 

So go out as a family on Saturday, November 21st for Family Volunteer Day can help out in your community together! If you’d like help setting up your own food drive check out this great DIY Food Drive Guide to help! It was a great help for us. 

Courtesy of Food Bank of Northeast GA
Courtesy of Food Bank of Northeast GA

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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