WandaVision Easter Eggs and Theories

Marvel fans still have their heads spinning from the release of WandaVision on Disney+. Within the first two episodes, there are so many possibilities of where Phase 4 plans to take us. Here are some of the theories and easter eggs from WandaVision.

This post contains “possible” spoilers to those not familiar with the comics. These are theories and Easter Eggs that we found. Proceed with caution.

Some fun WandaVision Easter Eggs

Vision’s “indestructible head.”

Ok, this one hurts a little for both Wanda and Vision. In Infinity War, Wanda destroys the Mind Stone in his head, and then Thanos turns back time and rips it from his head. 🙁

August 23 – 8/23 or 8/23

Marvel would never miss the chance to use a number to hint at something. It could have two significances also!

August 23 is the date that Kevin Feige announced WandaVision at D23 Expo.

I think it’s more relevant that the date is actually meant to be read 238 for Avengers #238. In the issue, Vision regains consciousness after passing through a null-field set up by Annihilus. In this issue, Captain Marvel is Monica Rambeau, and Wanda are members of the team. I think there might be some truth about the dangers of Vision leaving the force field surrounding Westview.

Monica Rambeau’s powers may allow her to move between the field, and that is why S.W.O.R.D. has her helping them. The brooch she wears in episode two reminds me of the Doctor Strange dimensional gateways. Maybe it’s a form of it to allow her to go into the town.

Monica Rambeau WandaVision


There are taglines in the opening, in the ads, and the commercials that hint at the more sinister plot but also Wanda’s past.

“Forget the past, this is your future!” – Stark Industries Toaster (That turns red during the commercial and ticks like a bomg that almost killed her and her brother).

Home: It’s Where you make it. – Welcome to Westview SignWestview SIgn WandaVision

House of M – The wine bottle has a big M on the neck, and the French translates to House of Contempt.

Stucker (Hydra Watch) – He’ll make time for you. Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker was the Hydra leader who gave Scarlet Witch and her brother Quicksilver their powers with Loki’s specter that housed the Mind Stone.

Strucker Hydra Watch Wandavision

Wentworth’s Department Store – Could be for Diedre Wentworth – Supria

Wentworth WandaVision

The Magnet of Cysteries – The Cabinet of Mysteries Lovely nod to Magneto but also has an image like Vision’s Mind Stone on the front.

Agnes is Agatha Harkness, and her husband Ralph may be Mephisto. 

Agnes is the nosy neighbor that gives Wanda the low down of Westview and their neighbors. She wears a brooch in every episode similar to the one that Agatha Harkness wears. Agatha is a very powerful (and old) witch. Her brooch also features a reaper (see my thoughts on Grim Reaper below).

During episode 2 (Bewitched), Wanda meets Dottie at the Talen Show committee meeting. Dottie mentions, “The devil’s in the details, Bev.” Agnes whispers in Wanda’s ear, “That’s not the only place he is.”

Mephisto WandaVision

In the three episodes I’ve seen so far, Agne’s husband never makes an appearance. Of course, that may change later in the series.

In the Loki trailer, we also see Mephisto in the stained glass window. I think this is one of the more solid fan theories for Phase 4 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Supermarket Signs

In the Supermarket Bewitched opening, there are a few signs at the top. One is Bova Milk; Bova is an evolved cow that helped deliver Wanda and Pietro as infants. Wonder Oats is a mention to Wonder Man (referenced below also). Auntie A’s (Agatha) Kitty Litter is a nod to her famous black cat. Wonder Oats WondaVision

Beekeeper – The Beekeeper arrives by entering through a utility hole in the street. In the new featurette, you can see them cross the barrier in the tunnel. The Beekeeper is from S.W.O.R.D., so I think their intentions are good, and they are trying to rescue Wanda and those trapped inside. I think the beekeeper suit is what allows them to go through the barrier.

S.W.O.R.D. – In the MCU, it stands for Sentient Weapon Observation Response Division. When they zoom out of the TV, you can see someone “watching” the episode of WandaVision. S.W.O.R.D. is a subdivision of S.H.I.E.L.D. and is labeled as a counter-terrorism and intelligence agency that dealt with extraterrestrial threats to world security. They play a big role in Secret Invasion (Skrulls).

Hydra Sokovia Wallpaper – When Wanda’s world gets some color, we see that the wallpaper has the Hydra facility in Sokovia that she was given powers. Hydra Sokovia WandaVision

Everything is Red

When Wanda brings the audience into technicolor, you’ll notice that everything shifts with a hint of red. This leads us to believe that Wanda is using her powers to create the world or at least has the power to change and manipulate them.

For the children!

A running theme in the series is “the children.” While we know Wanda brings her two bundles of joy into the world, other things you’ll notice in the show is that there are children in the newspaper or on the calendar. The first few episodes never show any children, though. We see them later in the series (marked by the trailer and Halloween). I think this points heavily to the Marvel Comics storyline of Wanda’s two sons named Tommy and Billy. The twins were magical constructs born of Wanda’s hex powers and with slivers of Mephisto’s life essence to give them souls.

Unfortunately, in the comics, Mephisto reabsorbs the children (Avengers: West Coast #51-52), and they no longer exist. I think this could be where we leave the WandaVision season, with Wanda in complete meltdown over her loss and causing a catastrophic event (House of M) that leads us into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness that Wanda plays a significant role. Speed and Wiccan WandaVision

Young Avengers

I’m hoping that we go a step further in the comics with the aspect that Agatha Harkness eases Wanda’s pain and see the boys reincarnated later as Speed and Wiccan. This would further pave the way for Young Avengers to come together with Kate Bishop – Hawkeye (confirmed for the Hawkeye series), Cassie Lang – Stature (Ant-Man’s daughter hinted at in Ant-Man and The Wasp), and America Chavez – Miss America (confirmed for Doctor Strange 2).

Characters Glitching

In every episode, a character starts to “glitch” and has a lapse in memory that causes the illusion to break down. In episode one, it’s Mrs. Hart saying, “Stop it!” that breaks Wanda out of her trance and asks Vision to save Mr. Hart from choking. He doesn’t act until Wanda asks him to, and I think that is significant to the story of how Vision is here (more on that later). In episode two, it’s Dottie that breaks down, and when she does, Agent Jimmy Woo is able to break through with it on the radio to ask Wanda who is doing this to her. More and more characters lapse in episode three.

The only character that seems to know what is going on is Agnes.

Vision is Alive

In Avengers: Infinity War, we see Shuri rapidly working on Vision before she has to shut down and help in the fight. I believe that Shuri was able to download everything about Vision during that time. She was nearly done removing the stone from Vision’s head before they were attacked. Shuri is nothing short of a mega genius, so you know she backed-up her work and progress! Vision only lost the stone, and his body was still intact (minus the hole in his forehead) during Infinity War. Now that Shuri is back (post unsnap Endgame), she could reinstall Vision into his body. This could mean that Vision is alive and kicking it without the need for the Mind Stone.

Sparky the Dog

In the new featurette, we also see that Wanda and Vision have gotten a dog. Kevin Feige has also hinted at Sparky in recent interviews. Sparky WandaVision

Wonder Man and Grim Reaper

During the Bewitched style start in episode two, we see a helmet between the floor that belongs to the Grim Reaper. Wonder Man Simon Williams and Grim Reaper Eric Williams are brothers. Vision is a “duplicate brother” to them in the comics. This may just be a little nod to Vision’s origins in the comics; either way, it was fun to see.

In a recent WandaVision featurette, Head Writer/Executive Producer Jac Schaeffer had a mess of Wonder Man art behind her. Wonder Man WandaVision

WandaVision and Squadron Supreme

Far stretching here. If Mephisto is behind Wanda’s world and creation, perhaps the Squadron Supreme is a possibility. During the Bitwitched style opening of episode 2, the figure on the table could be Nighthawk (or Thor), and when Vision throws water on Mr. Hart, the Hyperion symbol is in the head of the Computation company poster.

Another huge factor to this theory is that Phil Jones is married to Dottie in the show. Dottie could be Arcanna Jones if he is actually Philip Jones. She has the ability to perceive and influence parallel quantum dimensions. She is what physicists described as “the ultimate observer”, and can see all the quantum possibilities and choose which will become reality. Agnes said that Dottie is, “the key to everything in this town.” She was a member of the Squadron Supreme as well.

That is three of the members of the team. Maybe more of the town’s characters will have connections!

Hyperion WandaVisionNighthawk WandaVision

There is so much to unpack in WandaVision that the theories can go on and on. But I think one thing is clear. The merger with Fox will allow mutants to enter the MCU and give fans the unaltered storylines from the comics that we know and love.

Meghan Cooper
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