WandaVision Episode 4 Easter Eggs

Episode 4 of WandaVision is here and it takes us back to when Monica Rambeau arrived to check things out. Marvel fans needed more Marvel, well they got it.


Marvel gave us a look into something we didn’t get much of in Endgame or Spider-Man: Far From Home, and that’s what happened when the blip (snap) was reversed and everyone undusted back into existence. Seeing this from that perspective is important.

When Monica returns to her post at S.W.O.R.D. we see a plaque on the wall for her mother, Maria “Photon” Rambeau.

S.W.O.R.D. deals with space so its warehouse is filled with interesting space crafts. I wondering if we will get to see more of them in Captain Marvel 2.

When Monica arrives to meet Agent Jimmy Woo, he flips his business card of out his hand like the trick he learned from Scott Lang in Ant-Man and The Wasp.

Monica pulls out the helicopter drone that is seen in the episode two. They look different because anything that goes through the barrier is changed to match the era and show. That why the man in the radiation suit changed to a beekeeper outfit.

When Darcy arrives on the base the Director is giving out orders (This is when watching with closed captions on is helpful). He mentions Hutch. Could be a Magik reference. I doubt they will go killing off all the mutants though unless that is how Marvel plans to bring the 20th Century Fox mutants into the MCU fold. Fresh start anyone?

A rather desperate mother, Magik (Illyana Rasputina) struck a deal with Mephisto, who would ensure that Hutch would get a body, the cost would be the deaths of mutants of all dimensions, as all of them were drawn to the dimension where Hutch was.

This is one of the best Easter eggs in the show so far. On the table, (which I’ve rotated to read better) is A185 – This is a direct reference to Avengers #185.

After the Scarlet Witch is plagued by dream visions from her past, she and twin brother Pietro return to Wundagore for answers. What strange creatures from the twins’ past will aid them in their future quests? And will the Avengers actually pay for the damages incurred in their battle with the Absorbing Man?

You can also see that the barrier is in the shape of a hexagon, and they even mention it. This confirms that Wanda is using her hex powers to create this altered reality. We also see Woo write about the hexagonal shape on his whiteboard. He also mentions the Skrulls. (Please be Secret Invasion!).

It also confirms that Darcy was the one watching the broadcast in the first episode. We love Darcy don’t we, she’s the best. Now get her some coffee.

The wall of characters names and matches the WandaVision neighbors with their real-life names. Missing from the board are Agnes’s identification and Dottie is missing altogether.

Wanda clearly controls the episodes because for a moment she becomes completely lucid and realizes that Monica (Geraldine) is trespassing. She then tells Vision they can’t leave and that this is their home, she has everything under control. Monica reports that “It’s all Wanda” when she reaches the outside.

So the question remains, who or what brought Wanda to Westview? Who is agent Woo’s witness protection person (when know it’s a male)? Can’t wait for next week!

Meghan Cooper
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Meghan Cooper is a writer, content creator, movie critic, and geek living in Atlanta, Ga. She loves movies, traveling, and lots of coffee. Member of the Southeastern Film Critics Association, Georgia Film Critics Association, and Atlanta Film Critics Circle.


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