Wantable Monthly Box Review

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Everyone already knows how much I love monthly subscription boxes, but I rarely get boxes for myself. They are always for the kids or cleaning my laundry. So I was excited to try out the Wantable Box. It’s a a great alternative to all those boxes that only have sample sized products inside. The Wantable Box offers a few different options to choose from. Which is great for the fashion challenged like me. 

There are three monthly options you can choose from. A make-up, accessory or an intimate box. I sprung for the accessory box because I only wear one kind of make-up due to my sensitive skin. So I filled out an online profile that asked me a ton of questions about “my style.” Which was more like, tell me what you hate and don’t want us to send. That makes me happy, because nothing would be worst than having a closet full of accessories that you hate. I picture a giant warehouse that they pick and match a few cute products that go really well together, making it easier for me to be trendy. They do all the work for me and send it in a box each month! 

I liked the pieces I got. The scarf was fraying on the sides but all the pieces went together and created a great new look. I think I’ll wear them with a plain white t-shirt and denim jeans. 

Wantable Box

They also have limited addition boxes every so ofter. Like the Halloween box that has a fun make up to finish any hot halloween look. 

You can subscribe to Wantable for $36 a month or just buy a box for $40. 

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Check out my video so you can see these pieces better!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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