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Netflix Kids Nature ShowsNetflix Kids isn’t just cartoons and kids shows. They also have a fantastic section of nature videos. Series like DisneyNature, BBC Earth, National Geographic and Blue Planet. They can learn something fascinating that will get them interested in nature and the great outdoors. 1ea8b28f1ec8afa0ac53bf6cb1ec1aedf484b2f9

Anytime my daughter asks us about an animal, historical event or a place we not only search Google to read her some facts but we can search Netflix as well. They have a huge selection of shows that kids can immerse themselves in to learn all about something new. 6210274c80160f8977bc9a63a5a960898e6ff927

Disneynature is one of my favorite movies to watch because they capture the stories of the animals they are filming. I’m hoping they get more of these great films. 

blueplanetThe BBC and National Geographic cover every topic under the sun, from dinosaurs to Alaska. You can find something to turn a simple question into full knowledge about the topic. Think about how those book reports and school reports will get a whole lot easier. It may lead to a child that thrives in science or history instead of just cartoons. Turn TV time into learning time. I promise they won’t mind. 


Photos courtesy of Disneynature and BBC Blue Planet

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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