My Water Babies

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My kids love being in the water. Since we bought one of those molded pools with the slide built in, I haven’t been able to keep them out of the yard. I find them sneaking into it with all of their clothes on and I’m not looking forward to seeing what my water bill is going to look like this month. But it’s worth it to hear the fits of giggles coming from the back yard. It’s better than watching TV all day. Blowing Bubbles

I grew up on a lake and now my girls get to enjoy that also. We visit often, whether it’s putting our toes in or wetting a line with Daddy. I don’t think I’d ever move too far from a lake or the ocean.  

20131119-230958.jpgI get the best pictures of the girls when we are playing in the water. It’s the natural fun and laughter of childhood captured in a candid moment. Messy hair, soaking up the sun and washing the grass and sand off your feet. 
Slip n' Slide

Something so simple really, the cares of childhood that is. They worry less and live nearly care free. Singing Frozen songs and sneaking snacks from the pantry in the early mornings before they wake you up by jumping in your bed. They don’t worry about mosquito bites or rain clouds unless of course it starts to rain and they have to cut their outside time in half.  Splashing in the Pool

Does your family love getting out on the water in summer? Submit your own photos of the water activities you and your family love most between June 15th and July 12th for a chance to win an inflatable family fun raft. Pictures just like the ones above! These are some of my favorite water photos. 

IMG_0395What are some of your favorite water play activities to do during the summer? 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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