Ways to Ease Pregnancy Symptoms

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I was the poster child for some of the worst pregnancy side effects there are. After searching high and low and speaking to many different women I’ve gotten lots of answers about ways to ease the worst ones. I’ll share with you what I’ve been told because everyone’s body reacts differently to certain things.


When Nausea becomes so bad that you can’t seem to function, you would do anything to stop this symptom. It affects everything around you. If you are working it can make it very hard to get things done or even make it in. If you are at home like me you are taking care of your child while trying to make it through the day.

    • Eat smaller portions but DO NOT skip a meal- Skipping a meal can make you feel even worse then if you ate something that isn’t agreeing with you. Pack little snacks to get you through to each meal. Things like nutrition bars, an apple or some crackers. Don’t drink lots of water on an empty stomach. After eating do no lay flat, keep your head elevated until you digest a little.
    • Ginger – Drink flat Ginger Ale made with real ginger. They also make things like Ginger gum, crystallized ginger which tastes like candy.
    • Psi Bands Acupressure Wrist Band – These are drug-free wrist bands for the relief of nausea due to morning sickness (pregnancy), motion sickness/travel, chemotherapy, and anesthesia.
    • Acupuncture– I’ve heard women rave about acupuncture for completely getting rid of their nausea.


  • Prescriptions– When all else fails I highly suggest you ask your doctor. There are a few medications that help get rid of nausea. If you have severe vomiting with your symptoms I would do this for sure because you could become very dehydrated and need to be hospitalized.
  • Chiropractor – Sometimes nausea can be caused simply by your growing and changing body. My nausea was so bad that I had to see a chiropractor for regular adjustments. Once everything was aligned, my nausea subsided.

So Tired

Amazon MomCome 3 pm I become a complete Zombie Mom and can fall asleep standing up if I’m not careful. Thankfully it’s during a good time for nap time for the little sibling. If you are at work however I’m pretty sure drooling on your desk with your hands on your head is frowned upon. Your body is in high gear creating a child so listen to it.

  • Take Catnaps– Even a 15 to 20-minute catnap can be refreshing. That may mean eating your lunch fast and then taking a short nap in your car during the remainder of your lunch. Make sure you set your phone alarm though!
  • Go to bed early– This will allow your body to get the needed sleep and hopefully help the mid-day crashes.
  • Eat healthier foods– eating junk food can make you tired so replacing it with an apple could help give you a little boost.
  • Take a walk– A little exercise helps bring oxygen to your muscles. A body in motion stays in motion! Plus it will help keep that pregnancy weight in check.

Gas and Bloating

A very unflattering side effects that could ruin a good meeting and draw attention to your baby bump sooner than you though.

  • Avoid Gas causing Foods– Beans, whole grains, and certain vegetables – such as cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and asparagus. They contain sugar raffinose, which makes a lot of people gassy. Sodas or fruit juices with High fructose corn syrup are another thing to avoid. Heavy starches like potatoes, corn and wheat (my favorites) are another.
  • Don’t Talk while you are eating– eat small meals and hold your conversations till the end, please!
  • Over the Counters– Antacids for heartburn (Maalox, Mylanta, Rolaids, Tums) or Simethicone for gas pains (Gas-X, Maalox Anti-Gas, Mylanta Gas, Mylicon)
  • Take another walk-it will help your digestive tract.
  • Remove the Belly Band– Having anything tight or form fitting on your stomach can cause more bloating.

There are a lot of other pregnancy symptoms that happen during the 9 months that you will carry your little bundle but these are the most common in the first trimester. Here are some that start to arrive in the second and third trimester.

Hip and Back Pain

As you step into your second and third trimester you’ll be gaining more weight and the baby will start to push that belly out causing your balance to shift greatly.

  • Hip stretches – If you’re sitting a lot, make yourself get up and get moving. Even gentle exercises like yoga. Here are some great stretches for your hips when they get sore.
  • Maternity Support Belt – These belts are great for your growing belly. They try to lift your belly up and spread it out across your back.
  • Chiropractor – As I mentioned before I saw a chiropractor for my nausea, but also for my hip dysplacia that I only develop during pregnancy. Regular adjustments will take away most discomfort.


  • Prop those feet up– makes blood flow “flow” better.
  • Avoid salty foods – you tend to retain more water when you eat salty foods.
  • Drink lots of water – keep a water bottle with you at all times.


  • Tums Ultra – Get yourself a giant bottle of Tums and keep them around the house. Especially next to your bed. The Tums will also provide you with added calcium that you also lose during pregnancy.
  • See a doctor – If it gets really bad, tell your doctor. If you leave severe reflux untreated you can damage the lining of the esophagus.

Frequent Urination and Mood Swings

Sorry, you’re out of luck on this one. The added hormones your body creates during pregnancy cause this and there is nothing you can do about it because your baby needs it! But here is what I do recommend.

  • Panty liners – I like more natural options that you can wash. They have cute ones to choose from and it’s better to be safe than sorry when the baby kicks your bladder.
  • Meditation – Grab your yoga mat and take in some meditation when you feel like the world is caving in our you want to strangle your significant other. I highly recommend Hypnobirthing, which comes with a guided meditation CD to listen to. Pop this in during your pregnancy so you can Hypnobirth during your labor and delivery. Trust me, it’s amazing.

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How have you eased pregnancy symptoms? Share your best tricks!


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I love the suggestion to take short naps. With my last pregnancy I used the excuse that I never had time to nap even though I desperately wanted one. It was only after being dead tired that I realized how great cat naps could really be. Here I had been taking several hour naps whenever I did take one.

  2. Hey. I know this is an older post but I enjoyed reading it. I’m about to begin my third pregnancy. Hubby and I are trying to conceive. My other two pregnancy were ok after the first trimester but I too suffered from horrible nausea and extreme tiredness. I was skipping meals because I was sick and you’re right, it made things worse. I will be trying some of these tips to help stay healthy for the upcoming months.
    I found your blog through picket fence search keyword “pregnancy”. How old is our little one and do you still write for the Atlanta blog because I see the link on your about page isn’t working. I’ll be coming back since I am following you on my favorite platform- Google +. Hope you update that too! You can read more about me by clicking my name or on comment luv!


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