Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

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Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time in our Kitchens, not because we want to, but because we have to. Why not make sure that you can find everything that you are looking for fast and easy to get you out faster!? I am the worst when it comes to buying groceries that I already have. The main reason is that I can’t see the groceries in my pantry along with my cabinets. So I end up buying more than one. I can’t tell you how much Olive oil I have in my house. Let’s just say it will last the rest of the year.

There are some great storage options along with racks designed for cabinets to make it very easy to organize your pantry. Hit your local Thrift stores first to see if you can find simple things like baskets.

Magazine Holders –  Yes like the ones you use in your office! If you get the wide ones you can store things like Canned goods or your many foils, waxed paper, and storage bag boxes It will free up some of the space by allowing you to stack things and still be able to see them.

Over the door or wall storageI recently installed an over the door storage system to free up some of the shelf space for more visibility. As you can see there are different sized baskets so I can fit all sorts of different products in them.

Hanging Racks or Nails  – Get those brooms and mops up off the floor and flush with the wall. That way they aren’t cluttering an area that could be used for more storage.

Extra Shelves in Cabinets – Ikea has a great super cheap mini shelf that you can put into your cabinets to stalk things up higher. I use these in my Spice cabinet and dishes cabinets to be able to put more in them by stacking upwards.

Storage Bins – If you buy lots of one item or organize things by category storage bins are a great way to separate them and make them easy to find. You can even make labels for added organization. I have one on the bottom shelf in my pantry just for kid snacks. We call it our Hungry Box, its got portioned out snacks that she can reach and pick out herself when it’s snack time. We also have a drawer in our refrigerator for cold snacks.

Photo Courtesy of Jen of A Thousand Words

Pressure Mounted Bar – You can find these at Ikea and stores like bed bath and beyond but I stumbled upon this brilliant idea from Jen at A Thousand Words when she organized under her sink. I love this idea and plan on doing this to make it easy to find the spray bottles.


There are plenty of ways to organize your kitchen. The most basic is to group like things together and stash upwards so that you can see everything. Good luck with your organization. This is the perfect time to go room by room and do a massive spring cleaning! You’ll feel much better when you declutter everything in your home.


Here are some other ways to organize around your house:

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. We moved last year and I finally had a BIG kitchen and now that big kitchen seems tiny! I really need to maximize my space better. Thanks for these tips!

    • I use two teamntion rods in a deep cabinet drawer placed about two inches out on each side. I slide my cookware lids behind these rods freeing up the center of the drawer for other items.


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