Ways to Pay It Forward 

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This year we donated to a few charities that are close to our hearts but I also like to leave little thank yous for other during this time of year as well. For our neighbors and coworkers I like to make things to fatten them up. I normally do the same for our sanitation workers, mailman, and the UPS / FedEx man as well but this year I found a picture on Facebook that I thought was a much better way to say thank you. I created a bucket filled with snacks and drinks and left it by my front door. I left a note on it to thank them and let them know to help themselves. We get so many packages delivered to our house on a regular basis (like one every other day) so I knew it would be a welcome treat. I need to leave it out all year I think with a cooler in the summer months. Keep in mind that delivery drivers are switched up and moved around a lot during the holidays so your normal delivery driver might not even be there. For those moments I like to greet them with something special to show that I appreciate them all year long.  (Because I seriously get way to many packages!) Ways to Pay It Forward 

I’ve been working with Stonyfield for two years now and I love the great work their team does. This month they gave us a gift card to pay it forward for someone. While I have helped by Donating a Photo and donating jeans and pajamas to children in need, I found myself buying something I’ve never bought before. 

This week I bought a Sheep, some chickens, a clean water pump, and some fruit trees with the Save the Children Gifts of Joy holiday catalog. It was so easy to do and the kids even helped me pick out what we wanted to give. They looked at each item and choose the ones that would have the greatest potential in the long run. For example, between the goat and the sheep we looked at all the ways that someone could use the animal. The goat will provide protein-rich dairy and they can sell the baby goats to others. The sheep can also be milked but you can also use the wool they produce and fertilizer. Which is why we went with the sheep.Ways to Pay It Forward 

Yep, I bought a sheep and it felt awesome. 

Stonyfield also sends me lots of great coupons each month. Far more than we can ever use so I always leave them in the Stonyfield section so maybe someone looking for an awesome organic yogurt to try will reach for my favorite. 

Thanks to Stonyfield for helping me to pay it forward to others this year. 


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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