We Don’t Talk About Encanto Funko Pops

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Looking to round out your Funko Pop collection with Disney’s latest hit Encanto? The collection sold out pretty fast, but you can now pre-order the Madrigal family for the upcoming restock.

Check out some of these great Encanto Pops you can pre-order now!

Do you have magical powers? If not, then you understand how frustrating that can be and you can commiserate with Mirabel Madrigal, the main character in the musical fantasy comedy film Encanto. In that 2021 computer-animated movie, the young Colombian girl must face that frustration as she journeys to save her family and their house when their magic is in danger of disappearing. Sound interesting? Indeed. So, make sure you see the film, and also make sure you avail yourself of the magical Encanto collectibles and toys it has generated. Look for adorable Pop! Vinyl figures of Mirabel, Isabela, Julieta, Luisa, Antonio, Bruno, and Abuela Alma. Or a beautiful Mirabel doll. And check out the cool Encanto playsets based on the movie. They’re always lots of fun. Whatever you do, don’t miss the film and don’t miss the exciting Encanto merchandise below!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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