We Got Slimed at Nickelodeon Slime City in Atlanta

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Ever wonder what it’s like to have the famous Nickelodeon slime dumped on your head? Now if your chance to experience it with your family.

I remember going to Nickelodeon Studios in Florida when I was a kid and begging to be slimed. It’s every ’90s kid’s dream, right!? I took the family out to get slimed, and it was a blast. Check out our video.

I partnered with Nickelodeon Slime City to give you an inside look at our fun day. Slime City is in Atlanta until September 1, 2019. Then it moves on to another city.

Slime City is a fun pop up attraction that is traveling to select cities for families to experience. It’s all things slime where you’ll get to see it, touch it, and make it. They have the experience timed, so when you purchase your tickets, you will need to pick a specific time to visit. This helps with the crowds so you can experience all the rooms without having to squeeze by people.

When you enter to experience, you’re giving a card that you need to fill out as you journey through each room. Find the characters and has a slime team member mark the letter for you, this is your entry to get slimed!

Nick Slime City

We wandered into the first room to feel slime for the first time. We have made our fair share of slime, but Nickelodeon slime is a whole new thing! The girls made some funny faces when they stuck their hands in to feel. After we cleaned our hands, we went into what I’m calling the neon room. The walls had messages from guests that were glowing. We added some of our own as well. It’s hilarious to see JaMonkey writing one of those Super S symbols that I used to draw when I was a kid. Making Slime at Slime City

The highlight of the day was the slime lab, an additional add-on that lets you make your own Nickelodeon Slime to bring home. The girls got to put their own decorations in the slime before putting in the final stiffening agent into the mix. If you’ve caught a Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards show you know that the stars get slimed when they receive their awards. But did you know that the cool blimps they get are also kaleidoscopes? You get to hold and look through one for yourself. I’m not going to lie, I’ve always wanted to look through one myself. Slime City

Right before we went in to get slimed the girls got to hang out on the biggest slime bean bag I’ve ever seen. I want to replace my living room couches with one now.

Slime City

Let’s talk about the real reason you want to visit Slime City, the sliming. I wasn’t planning on getting slimed, but a friend of mine talked me into it, and I’m so glad I did. It really is such a nostalgic moment getting slimed. When you grow up watching others get slimed, you always wonder what it’s like. What the heck, you only live once! As you can see in the video, they give you a poncho to wear during your sliming. Unfortunately, my hood fell back from the pressure of the slime hitting my head, so I got the read sliming experience!

The slime was cold and bright green! I came straight home and took a shower and washed my clothes. It was totally worth it, though. We had such a fun time together as a family. I highly suggest a visit to Slime City before it heads on to the next city. You won’t regret it!

Slime City

Find out more at http://www.nickslimecity.com/

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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