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   A- Mommy will the snuggle me? 

M-Sure baby, scoot over so mommy can fit in the bed with you. 

A- I love you, mommy. 

M- I love you too boo-boo. 

A- Move your boobs mommy, they’re squishing me. 


M- I can’t move them, they’re attached to my body. 

A-What’s your body? 

M- This is my body. My arm is attached to my body. My nose is attached to my body. My belly button is attached to my body. 

A- Where is sissy? 

M- She’s asleep like you should be. 

A- Where’s daddy? 

M- He’s downstairs, wanna go snuggle him? 

A- Yes let’s go sneak-a-sneak. 

The 20 minutes following this discussion consisted of her demanding family hugs and kisses on both cheeks. A lot of them. Precious. 

Have an inquisitive little one? Here is s fun video to share with them. 

Toddler Talks is a new thing I’m trying out. My little one has some hilarious but also deep questions sometimes so our conversations become highly amusing. This is a way to remember them. Share your funny toddler talks in the comments or by sharing with the hashtag #ToddlerTalks 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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