What My Mother Passed on to Me

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When we are teenagers we yell at our Mother’s and tell them that we are never going to treat our kids the way they do. But as we get older and have our own children we learn that our Mother’s intentions were not only pure but right. Ugh, our Mother’s were right! It’s ok to admit it though they passed on such great knowledge to us so that we would grow into great adults.

The biggest thing that my Mother passed on to me was the true meaning of a happy family. It wasn’t money or where we lived. It was eating dinner together as a family. Even going out to our favorite pizza place on Friday nights. Making sure your Sisters were your best friends. Making holidays and birthdays a big deal, even the little holidays. These were all things that I never really thought about growing up but now that I am a Mother I realize how important these little things truly were.

They are now my fondest memories of my childhood. Memories and traditions that I am now passing on to my girls. Making holidays about giving and creating lasting memories for her to pass on to her children. To form a strong bond with family because it’s the most important thing. I can already see a strong bond forming better my oldest and her new little sister. I’ve never seen a child love a baby like she does. She went from being the shy little girl to the one that tells anyone that will listen about her new baby sister and how much she loves her.

I did that. I taught her to love so passionately. Because long ago, my Mother taught me.


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.


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