What to Pack for the 3-Day

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I’ve been going to workshops, attending twitter parties, and asking anyone that has participated in a 3-Day walk to tell me what are their must-have items. I got a lot of great feedback about the event, especially the Atlanta event because we camp inside. These are things that are more of a comfort requirement that I find to be some of the best advice. 

  • Thick, extra socks – Keep an extra pair of socks with you while you’re walking for multiple reasons. The first, if it starts raining you’ll have a pair of dry socks. The second, if you start to develop blisters it will create extra padding between your feet and the spot on your shoe that is rubbing. Also, make sure you keep them in a plastic bag so that they are sitting next to your lip balm or something. (ew)
  • Lip Balm with SPF protection – You’ll be outside all day, so make sure that you a good stylish lip balms to protect your lips. I love the new Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm because they are slim and have cute prints on them. It has an SPF 15 and the ultra-hydrating formula keep my lips from chapping and cracking.Check out these lip and skin care tips.
  • Binder clips – This was a weird suggestion when I was told about it. All you need it one binder clip that you can clip to your lanyard or hat. It can be used in two different ways. To save room in your walking pack, clip your lip balm to your lanyard for easy application. If it starts to rain, clip the hood of your poncho to the bill of your hat so that it doesn’t keep slipping off your head. Large binder clips attached to your shower supplies let you hang your items and keep them high and dry while in the shower.
  • Ear plugs – Because Atlanta’s event camps inside, the noise around the hall can sometimes linger, especially during party nights I’ve been told. So in your camp pack, make sure you have a good pair of earplugs so that you can fall asleep peacefully. 
  • Comfy camp shoes / shower shoes – Community showers can be a breeding ground for bacteria and athletes foot so make sure you bring a pair of flip flops to shower in. You’ll also want a pair of comfy slippers or house shoes to walk around in after a long day of walking in tennis shoes. 
  • Air mattress / Yoga / mattress pad – I’ve heard mixed thoughts on air mattresses in the tents. Some say that two twins won’t fit, and some say they will. To be safe, I would measure and find the smallest air mattress or pad you can find with still being able to fit onto it. Atlanta’s camp is indoors but the floor is a concrete slab, so it will be very uncomfortable if you forget this. Your 2-person tent is 6.5’ x 6.5’. A shared queen air mattress will fit; two twins will not. 
  • Rain Poncho – I think the name says it all, but the tips I got about a poncho was to find ones that are short so you don’t get too hot. You can also use it on wet grass when you stop for breaks at the pit stops. 
  • Epsom Salt – Bring Epsom salt and a gallon sized bag, add hot water and soak your feet at the end of the day. 
  • Colorful tape – Wrap your phone charger in colorful tape so that it is easy to distinguish from the crowds. Headphones are not allowed while you walk for safety reasons so unless you want to listen while you sleep, I would just leave them at home so save space in your bag. You can also use it on your water bottles. 
  • Headlamp (if your camp is outdoors) – When you’re walking in the dark to the portapotty, you’ll know why!
  • Glowstick – Mark your tent with something that stands out when you go for a bathroom run. This will make it easier to find on your way back. 
  • Ziploc Bags – Pack your outfits for each day in them. You can put the dirty clothes into when you are done, and you can also get a bunch of air out to save space in your bag. 


Remember, your bag can only be 35 lbs and if you’re camping outdoors, make sure the wheels can handle grass or gravel. A duffel bag is what other walkers suggest. Tie a scarf or ribbon on it to make it easier to find in the crowd. 

Stay trendy with the different designs that change seasonally when the Pantone’s official color forecast is released. You can find Buy Carmex Moisture Plus at the store checkout lanes of Walmart, Walgreens and Dollar General for only $2.49. I’ll be using my Pink strips one during the 3-day and I’ve sent my daughter back to school with her favorite (the flowers) as well. The perfect, and effective, accessory that everyone needs. 

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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. This is a great list! I have participated in two 3-day walks in Dallas, TX. The one thing that is an absolute must is a pair of flip flops you can attach to your pack for Day 3. There is a long wait between the time you finish the walk and the closing ceremonies and you will want to get your feet out of your shoes and socks! Also, part of Closing Ceremonies involves holding up one of your walking shoes, so it’s nice to have them off already!


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