When a Normal Day Turns Into a Birth Story

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Nothing ever goes the way you planned when it comes to Motherhood. Let me start from when this miraculous story started to unfold. Two weeks ago I had a 3D Ultrasound scheduled to take some pictures and get a video of our sweet Baby Girl made up like we did for her Sister. The session was pretty much a wash because let’s face it, babies are stubborn.  I couldn’t get any good pictures so we decided we would come back in two weeks. I had also cancelled an Ultrasound that was set the day before I was heading to Blissdom because I was so busy trying to get things ready before I left.

We arrived at our appointment well hydrated and ready to go. We realized that the woman doing our Ultrasound actually did our Daughters 4 years ago. She now worked at this place and a High Risk Care Office. She began to scan my stomach and said that I should talk to my doctor about the amount amniotic fluid being possible low. Then she rolled over the babies heart. The moment she stopped I knew something was wrong. It wasn’t moving the way that it was supposed to. It was barely moving at all. I said You’re starting to scare me. She then replied I think you should have your daughter step out. My Husband leaped from his chair. She showed him on the monitor the heart and explained that it wasn’t beating but more like shuttering. She informed us that we needed to go to the emergency room immediately that it doesn’t look good. She didn’t have a fetal doppler to listen to the heart so we bolted out the door tears streaming down our faces.

We flew down to the closest hospital while frantically calling family to come get our daughter because something was terribly wrong. All I could think about was that I lost my baby at 32 weeks. That I was going to the hospital to delivery a stillborn. Nothing could have prepared me for that type of news. Especially after all the bad dreams I’d had during the pregnancy.

As my husband parked the car. I nearly busted down the door to the women’s center when I found it locked. A security guard opened it and escorted me to the proper floor for the triage labor and delivery department. I tried to explain to them what had happened through my hysterical sobbing. She brought me back and grabbed the doppler first thing. She pressed it to my belly and found her heart beat. An almost perfect heart beat. Talk about worst fears rushing out. But I knew we weren’t in the clear. I knew what I saw on that Ultrasound wasn’t a good thing. They threw me up on a bunch of monitors to start charting and tracking. Her heart rate was a steady 135 the whole time we were monitoring. But it wasn’t changing the way it was supposed to. She also wasn’t making any movements.

The on call doctors and midwives came in to view the Ultrasound. Everyone stopped and watched the screen and immediately saw the same thing I did. The same shuttering of the heart. They walked out for a moment and then came back in to tell me that the baby needed to come out. Something was wrong with her heart and they called the pediatric cardiologist.

Along with all the monitors the nurses started poking and proving me with needles, something I’m deathly afraid of. So telling you that panic was setting in was un under statement. My body went into complete shock. At this point people were rushing around me trying to get everything under way for the C-Section that they were about to preform on me. My body was shaking uncontrollably and I kept looking at my Husband thinking, This is not what we wanted. What’s going on? When are we going to wake up? I’m only 32 weeks pregnant! Is she going to survive if they take her out now?

They wheeled me into the freezing room where I thought the anesthesiologist was going to club me over the head because I was freaking out so bad. During the surgery I had my Husband talk to me about anything but what was going on. Because all my mind could think about was how everything for her was still in storage. And that I don’t know how to take care of a preemie. What if this heart issue ends up killing her?

Then she came out and let out a yell. She was alive. Kicking and screaming because they took her from my warm belly and threw her on a cold table in a cold room. Me and my Husband shared a tear and a kiss while they cleaned her up he snapped a few photos for me. They finally brought her over so that I could see her and weigh her. When she passed the curtain I couldn’t believe my eyes. She looked just like her big Sister. Spitting image but half her size.

At 32 weeks I gave birth to a 4 pound 10 ounce 17 inch long Baby Girl. They rushed her off to the NICU to start getting checked out and taken care of. While I waited in the recovery room I felt like I went completely numb staring off into nowhere. The amount of Wows, Oh my goshs and what ifs started flying through my head. Everyone started coming up to me and telling me about how much of a miracle it was that I had that Ultrasound  done. If I had waited it would have been too late.

The Doctors and Cardiologist finally came to talk to me and they gave me un update. Baby Girls heart rate was around 290 when they took her out. Her heart isn’t properly pumping and therefore she isn’t getting the proper circulation. She has SVT Supraventricular tachycardia along with CHF congestive heart failure, which are both very scary things to hear about your new baby. Of course she is a preemie so she has all the normal early baby issues like in her lungs. She also has some fluid in her abdomen that they are hoping will work it’s way out once they get her heart regulated.

I’m still learning about everything happening to her but I can tell you this. She was born on Saturday March 3rd and so far they have already made massive improvements with her health.

We still haven’t picked out a name. Heck I still have to buy her a bed! But she will be in the hospital for at least a month. It just depends on how things go on a day to day basis.

Thank you all so much for your warm wishes, positive thoughts and prayers for me and my family. I’m a complete wreck right now because it was such an insane roller coaster of emotions and now physical pain. I’m truly blessed with the best family and friends that have been helping and supporting us in this time of need and fear.

I’ll post more about her condition later.


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  1. Wow, what an incredibly scary ride! You all sound like a very strong family and luck is on your side. Your new baby girl sounds like such a little fighter. Your family is in our prayers!!!

  2. Miss Meghan…my heart goes out to you. I cannot even begin to imagine. I am SOOOOO glad to hear that she is improving.

    As soon as I wake up, you, your little girl and family are immediately on my mind. I told my husband that I have become your stalker…constantly checking your facebook and twitter. 🙂 I feel so blessed that we met at Blissdom and will continue to pray like crazy for you, your little fighter and your family.

    I know you have a TON going on and more than enough to worry about, so thank you SO very much for taking the time to write this post. I will be praying continually.

    Much Love – Lou

  3. What an amazing miracle…and the beginning of this daughter’s life story. She’s obviously a fighter.

    Thanks for putting words to the emotions during such a chaotic time. I hope you feel our love around you…guess we are all stalking you a little bit right now. Simply amazed that nothing happened while you were at BlissDom.

  4. Oh my goodness, what an experience! I’m so sorry you’re all going through so much but so happy it was found when it needed to be. If I can do anything, I’m right here in Kennesaw. May each day get easier for you all xoxo

  5. Wow! I have tears streaming down my face. At 28 weeks I was just saying how “over it” I am but then I hear stories like yours and feel so foolish. It sure seems like God was watching out for you and your precious little girl. I pray he continues to do so!

  6. I have been thinking about you and your family often since I found out about your emergency delivery this weekend. We’ll keep you in our thoughts and I hope that you and Baby Girl recover quickly. Stay strong and don’t forget to take care of yourself so you have lots of strength (mental and physical) to take care of Baby Girl and your daughter.

  7. It is truly a miracle that you had that ultrasound when you did. There are no accidents. What an incredible story of survival. Your little daughter is a fighter! And for you to share your story so soon is amazing. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. I wish your daughter a speedy recovery, so that you can all go home as a family.

  8. I think I’m stalking you too! Keeping you and baby girl in mind all day long. A few miracles have happened already – you got that ultasound. Your husband was with you. Your sweet preemie was a solid 4 pounds+. I know more miracles are coming!

  9. Oh My. Meghan, someone has been watching over you and your baby girl. I can only imagine how scary this has to be – as I’ve never been there – but my heart goes out to you and all your family. I am so glad that you had the ultrasound when you did and that they found her heart issues in time. Praying for you that everything works out well for you.

    And on that note? I unpacked my Blissdom bags yesterday finally and found the card from you. Thank you so much. That was so sweet of you, and I so appreciate it. Thoughts and prayers are with you!

  10. Your story brought tears to my eyes, Meg. I simply cannot comprehend what you’ve gone through, and I’m so so so glad that baby girl is improving with each passing moment. She is such a fighter, and is so lucky to have you as her Mom – so loving, patient, kind, gentle; so perfect for her in every way. I love you, sweetness, and think of you all ALL DAY. The entire world is rooting for you guys! xoxo

  11. Jesus! I think you already got your miracle. They can work wonders in the NICU. I will say prayers for your family, I’m sure all will be fine, but sorry you had to go through this. I’m 32 weeks also.

  12. Wow Meghan! I went through a roller coaster of emotions just reading this so I can’t even imagine you actually going through it. I’m glad to hear the little lady is improving and I know she’ll just keep getting better! You, your baby girl, and the rest of your family are definitely in our prayers!

  13. Oh Meghan- thank heavens for your stubborn little girl and repeat ultrasounds. You and your little one have been on my mind and in my prayers. HUGS!

  14. Wow, what a terrifying experience! I was literally holding my breath while reading this. I gave birth to my daughter a few weeks ago with quite a bit of drama also, so I can imagine the emotional roller coaster you went through.
    God was truly looking after your family that day and led you to get that ultrasound at just the right time. Your little girl is a fighter and a miracle! I look forward to hearing about more miracles in regard to her health!
    Peace and blessings to all of you!

  15. Meghan, Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. I’m so sorry to hear about her condition, I know nothing about it- but I do know that you (probably already have) will learn everything you need to know. It’s a really awful feeling when you think your life has turned upside down and the change in lifestyle. I recently felt that myself. I have been keeping you and your gorgeous family in my prayers. Her name is too cool, so unique and graceful. I just love it! Just remember, You can handle anything God throws your way. Stay stong!

  16. Oh Meg. Honey I am at a loss for words. All I know to say is that I love you, I’m praying for you and for sweet adelia and your family. Please please let me know what I can do to help. I would love just to bring you some lunch and sit with you for a while at the hospital. Please call me. Love you girl.

  17. Oh Meghan! I can’t imagine how scary that must have all been for you. I’m glad she’s doing so well considering her circumstances. It sounds like you’ve got a real fighter on your hands.

  18. Oh, that brings back such horrific memories! My oldest daughter was born at 24 weeks and that was almost 23 years ago! Just imagine how much things have changed in that amount of time and she is still with us. She has some probs, but she is here and that is all that matters.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. Know that you & that precious little girl will be in my prayers daily and you are not alone.

  19. Ariel was 32 weeks when they took her out too, and weighed in at 4lbs 13oz and 18.5″ long. So to give you a big dash of hope, she is thriving at her 6 month check up her doctor did a double take and had to check with me that she was indeed a preemie. She did a 23 day stay in the NICU. I hope that you get a short stay like that too! It’s a horrible and scary thing to happen, and I had 3 weeks to prepare for it in L&D.

    I’m here if you want or need to talk, rant, cry, vent, or ask questions! I only wish I was closer so I could watch the big sister so you could go visit the baby as much as you need to. (Let me stress that it is not a want to go see a baby in the NICU it is a NEED)

      • Yup, and Ariel was like 32 weeks and 2 days or something like that. At her 9 month well visit she was 19.5lbs and 27″ long, and at her NICU follow up the day after the amazing NICU doctor there said that he thinks she won’t have to go for anymore after the next one when she’s a year.

        They really are so strong and resilient as babies, even the preemies, it’s amazing to see how much they change.

  20. We will definitely keep you all in our prayers. I almost delivered my son at 30 weeks and I was terrified. I can’t begin to imagine what you all are going through. I pray that God will continue to heal her and help her condition improve.

  21. I had a son at 32 weeks, 10 years ago that weighed 3lbs. 6oz. It is so scary to have a preemie. I will be praying for her and for you to heal as well. C-sections are no joke.

  22. Wow, the power of medical technology and of the human spirit. I cried reading your post, how amazing of your little girl, she is a fighter and so very lucky to have a mom, dad and sister who love her so much. Take care of yourself and I wish you and your family, strength and love.

  23. Had to stop by and read your story after seeing your WW post. What a little miracle, so glad you had that ultrasound.
    I have had two csections. The first because our little girl thought it would be fun to wrap the cord around her neck. I am sort of joking with the way I worded that, because even now at 2 yrs old she loves necklaces and putting things around her neck. And our little guy born 3 1/2 weeks ago was a repeat csection because they do not allow VBACs in our rural area hospitals. I remember the uncontrollable shaking vividly. No fun. And it was that way for the emergency and the planned csection.
    Praying your little girl will continue to get strong and come home soon.

  24. Found you from your WW post and I have to say that I held my breath reading this post. SO glad that your daughter made it and that your family has this new little miracle. From your updates it sounds like the road ahead is going to be challenging. Hang in there and please know there’s a lady in Michigan praying for your little girl and your amazing family.


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