Year in Review 2012

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2012YearinReviewA recap in posts and Instagram pictures(links). I’ll do a wordless picture post tomorrow!

January – Got a new camera, my Sony NEX 5. I started Project Pinterest. A way to do and maybe even prefect the cool things I found on Pinterest. Project Pinterest has online communities where you can share your projects with the rest of the community. I visited Pigeon Forge for the Wilderness Wildlife Week where she learned to play the washboard! I also shared my blogging tips for making money and tracking your earnings. 

February – Discovered some Free LeapPad app codes. I traveled to Nashville for Blissdom as well as a family travel piece. It was so great seeing my blogging buddies and meeting some new ones. I learned how to take better pictures with my new camera which changed my blog pictures for sure! It was also the last time anyone saw me pregnant.

March – Our world was turned upside-down when a normal day became a birth story. Our Lil’ Peanut was forced out two months early due to having SVT. It took us 4 days to name her. She spent the month in NICU while I was losing my mind.

April – My blogging organization, Project Pinterest posts and reviews went out the window as we navigated everything that happened and what we were in for. We got to go Easter egg hunting at the Governor’s mansion. We got to bring Peanut home and my amazing friends went above and beyond to help me not only with meals and gas money but a major surgery that my dog ended up having to get.

May – I got a mini Mommy makeover. JaMonkey’s heart is far bigger than I ever thought possible with how much she loves her sister. She starts to catch up in her age group and doesn’t look like a preemie anymore.

June – My husband fell in love with my Lemon & Garlic Pasta Recipe, which is odd because it contains no meat. We ran out of all the diapers that people sent us so we entered in the world of cloth diapering. Which has been awesome! JaMonkey wrote her whole name by herself. My husband finally admitted that Peanut is a Mommy’s girl. See you don’t have to have a boy just to have Mommy cling.

July – Our garden exploded with fruit and vegetables. My obsession for S’Mores turned into a pie. Growth spurts started happening a lot closer together. I participated in a book drive benefitting Children’s Healthcare and Bess the Book Bus. We went on the most amazing family vacation in Pensacola to write a travel piece and I learned a thing or two about sand and babies. My husband actually enjoyed himself because there was a dock with lots of fish. Disney introduced me to it’s Grown-up side.

August – Residence Inn threw a Mom’s Night Out and I got to sleep through the night for the first time since Peanut was in the NICU. JaMonkey started Preschool. We camped out in the back yard one evening for a Bondfire to roast S’Mores. I got to interview Dr. Bob Sears (I love the sears family and they reached out to me!). I was asked to join the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program as well as attend a private conference called Conversations with Coca-Cola. Which turned out to be an amazingly good time, educational and I met some great people!

September – I started getting serious about walking. Which lead to me walking in the Atlanta Heart Walk with Team Jenny and star Brely Evans. We got the best news from our cardiologist, no more heart medications! We went Apple picking in the North Georgia mountains.

October – We took a day trip with my family for another travel piece to Dahlonega. I made the switch to Verizon and was finally complete with my Apple trifecta.We finally got out for a date night. I threw a wicked Graco party at the Country Inn & Suites to introduce the new Graco Snugride Click Connect 40. I think the bloggers that attended enjoyed themselves, at least I hope so. They got to spend the night and munch on TGI Fridays! I joined the MomPulse crew on YouTube.

November – I shared the epic cuteness of my girls in their Halloween costumes. I completed my first 10K, (walking). I was asked to Blog for Obama and I shared why I voted for him again despite being in a Red state. I shared how pissed I was about Walmart opening at 8pm on Thanksgiving for a “Black Friday” sale. Which landed me on a talk radio show. JaMonkey turned 5! Target and the Children’s Museum of Atlanta threw a fun Christmas get together that I was honored to be apart of. Our Elf Magic elf Lila returned to have #Elfcapades while making sure JaMonkey and Peanut were good for Christmas.

December – Peanut started crawling and cruising in the same week. I made a beautiful Letter Wreath for everyone in my family. Shared a terrible cold with the whole family but was still able to capture this shot. Discovered my all time favorite mom invented product. Ours hearts broke for Newtown and Sandy Hook. I thanked the teachers in my life as well as those that have passed. Had a Merry Christmas.

Cool people I met or interviewed:

Comedian Owen Benjamin

Peter Ramsey – Director of Rise of the Guardians

Ian and Ethan of The Hunger Games

Krickett and Kim Carpenter (The true story of The Vow)

It was an amazing year. The hardest of my life but we made it. Here’s to an amazing 2013!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.


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