Year in Review 2013

JaMonkey ParkIt was a great year! I achieved some of my goals and have big plans for next year. 

January – We made yummy Raspberry Frozen Yogurt and a copy cat Chicken Quesadilla Flatbread Melt. Peanut learned how to walk. I was prepping for the Super Bowl because the Atlanta Falcons were wicked close to going. Too bad they are terrible this season. Met some of the cast and authors of Beautiful Creatures. 

February – We unjunked our candy cravings. My husband started coming to ore events with me, the first one was the Experience Atlanta event.  I experimented with coconut flour Gluten Free Coconut Chicken and it was good! I spent most of the month planning for the big birthday party! 

March – Peanut turned one and got the flu in the same week but I threw one heck of an awesome Sunshine and Lemonade 1st birthday party. She graduated out of cardiology and doesn’t have to see any more heart doctors unless she presents any random SVT symptoms.  I started the Shaklee 180 program to lose the baby weight. We made adorable Easter Egg Birds Nest cookies that my daughter helped make. Pinterest finally introduced analytics. We ditched cable and started getting our TV for free and stream now. Saved us hundreds of dollars! I had to start registering my oldest for Kindergarten and I couldn’t believe how many people just give their kids social security to anyone that will ask…STOP IT! 

April – I ran my first Color Run and it was a blast. Then we spent Spring Break in Kissimmee where we visited Walt Disney World, Sea World and lots of other fun places. We made our garden bigger and organic this year, and even started it the green way with recycled seed starters.  The Boston Bombings opened everyone eyes to the power of social media. 

May- I got together with a great group of bloggers to talk about the Graco Jogging Stroller but it was just like an awesome playdate! I found my new favorite race, the Dirty Girl run. It was a true test of my endurance and sliding down into a huge thing of mud was pretty awesome! I’ve taken a lighter side to my weight issues with some funny Fat quotes. My best friend was a mile away from the Oklahoma tornado. I went to a Georgia travel media event and learned so much about our lake country. We did a before and after of preschool and I couldn’t believe the change. 

June – School’s out and it’s camp mom for the summer! I did the Super Hero sprint with my husband. We finally got a fantastic family photo. We kept very busy for summer camp. 

July – We had another family trip that we took to Callaway Gardens for reviewers retreat. Our oven melted the cord off so we did a lot of cooking on the grill, including a berry cobbler! Jelly shoes came back and I took my wardrobe a little more seriously because I was losing weight. Peanut giggles at anything JaMonkey does! 

August – As we prepared for the first day of kindergarten, we made pencil flowers for her teacher. I busted through a cold with apple cider vinegar.  The first day of school went off perfectly and she even rode the school bus! I lost 15 pounds after working my tail off in the final stretch of the Shaklee 180. My baby became a ballerina, talk about epic cuteness.  

September – We went apple picking as a family, like we do every year. My sweet girl dropped a happy bomb on us and told us that she wanted to play the violin instead of dancing, soccer or other activities. Hubby and JaMonkey went to a father-daughter baseball game and my husband talked about it for weeks! Talked my husband into going to Music Midtown so I could see the Red Hot Chili Peppers. in the pouring rain. 

October – I got to see a bunch of my bloggy buds at the Type A conference. I made a tasty breakfast panini and pumpkin pop tarts from scratch. We took the girls to Burt’s for pumpkin pictures. I’ve been changing recipes to substitute certain things so I made banana bread with stevia instead of sugar. I started fangirling on the Divergent series…pretty hard. 

November – We had our family over for Thanksgiving dinner at the beginning on the month so that I could take some photos for the blog. Perfect excuse for a family gathering I think! I spent a few days in St. Augustine kid free and had an amazing time. JaMonkey turned 6. I discovered how hard it is to take pictures of my kids. I got accepted into Kennesaw State University so I am officially a college student again! 

December – I baked Christmas treats all month long. Me and Serious Krystyn go a fun blowout at The Drybar thanks to Google to test out their Nexus 7. I found a new favorite snack, dark chocolate strawberry chez party mix. I made chocolate rolled cookies and colorful snickerdoodle cookies. We visited the Georgia Aquarium to make blankets for Project Linus for the Percy Jackson DVD release. We had a very Merry Christmas and here I am, writing this post about the year. 

It was a great year. On to 2014!

Meghan Cooper
Meghan Cooper
Meghan Cooper is a writer, content creator, movie critic, and geek living in Atlanta, Ga. She loves movies, traveling, and lots of coffee. Member of the Southeastern Film Critics Association, Georgia Film Critics Association, and Atlanta Film Critics Circle.


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