Nintendo Switch Sports Bowling Brings the Family Fun

Thank you to Nintendo for providing us with Nintendo Switch Sports and fun goodies.

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Nintendo Switch Sports is finally here, and my family and I have been playing a lot since its arrival. When we have rainy days or massive heat waves, we stay inside and bring out our competitive side to play. Spocco Square currently has six sports (until a fall update that will add golf). Bowling is one of our favorite sports on Switch Sports.

One of our favorite ways to play is to jump online and Play Globally. The game matches you with other players worldwide until you have 16 participants. Then you’ll go through rounds and see who is knocked out of the game.

Switch Sports Bowling
  • Round 1- Top 8 out of 16
  • Round 2 – Top 5 out of 9
  • Round 3 – Top 3 to 5
  • Finals – Final 3 – Highest score wins

Chambara Battles Encouraged – Nintendo Switch Sports

Bowl the ball to hit over the maximum number of pins to compete. Get the highest score you possibly can. The more you play online, the more rewards you earn. Each time you earn 100 points, you’ll be able to win a chance at fun rewards like outfits, sports gear, reactions, and more. The items you can win change, and new items with fun themes are available.

Switch Sports Rewards

Once you master a good shot, it’s time to test your hand on hooking the ball. Twist your hand to hook the ball and watch it curve down the lane while you swing. Other than the Standard lanes, there are also Special lanes with obstacles and moving floors. Time your bowl carefully to knock over the pins.

We get super competitive when we play bowling. It allows all four of us to play at the same time. The dancing and trash talk really get going. We are all really good, so there is always a new winner. Our games get pretty interesting. It leaves us in a fit of giggles. Sometimes we’re sore the next day from playing so hard. We love this game and being able to enjoy it together. There will be many more bowling tournaments in our future.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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